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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Left-wing columnists, activists and social media users

 claim America's birthday steeped in racism

Edmund Kozak

The Fourth of July has long been a cherished time for patriotic Americans and their families to come together and celebrate the birth of their country.
More than a mere day of fireworks, flags, and parades, the Fourth reminds all Americans of their fortune to live in such a unique and special country. It is a day on which all Americans, regardless of political affiliations, recall that they are all on the same team.
Or at least it used to be. Now, it seems the Fourth of July — and all of the patriotic pomp and circumstance with which it comes — has become a major source of aggravation and ire for the radical Left.
Increased leftist hatred for the Fourth of July has risen along with the radical identity politics that casts America as a historically racist country. A radical website called published an article on June 30 entitled, “The Fourth of July: A Celebration of Hatred.”
“The holiday that breeds the most unanalyzed celebration of white supremacy, genocide, and colonialism needs to be done away with — or celebrated with a different face,” the article declared. “Somewhere along the way, patriotism became code for racism in the United States,” it claimed.
“Should Blacks Celebrate July 4th?” pondered columnist Michael Coard, writing for the Philadelphia Tribune on July 1. “Simply stated, the answer is ‘No!’” he wrote. Coard is a member of a black activist group called Avenging The Ancestors Coalition, which is hosting its own segregated July 4th celebration.
“To learn more about the racism of July 4th, of the Declaration of Independence, and of the Revolutionary War, attend the Black Independence Day event organized by Avenging The Ancestors Coalition (ATAC) on Tuesday, July 4th at 3 p.m. at the Slavery Memorial/President’s House at Sixth and Market,” wrote Coard.
This sort of sentiment has been growing for years. The Root decided last year’s Fourth of July was a good day to publish an article called, “Star-Spangled Bigotry: The Hidden Racist History of the National Anthem.” In 2015, on July 3, published an article declaring that “Millions of Americans Have Nothing to Celebrate on the Fourth of July.”
“July 4th holiday brings mixed feelings for minorities,” declares a July 2 article on Portland, Oregon, CBS affiliate KOIN6. “Blacks, Latinos and immigrant rights advocates say the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, recent non-convictions of police officers charged in the shootings of black men, and the stepped-up detentions of immigrants and refugees for deportation have them questioning equality and the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the United States,” read the article.
Anti-Fourth feeling is also running high on social media among leftists.
“I can't wait to see all these ugly, fake ‘proud to be an American/racist’ 4th of July pictures,” tweeted twitter user Grizel Alt.
“On the 4th of July I'm glad we're still not owning up to our racist rapist founders history ... sigh” tweeted Timil Jones.
“The birth of the United States was literally built on the genocide of Native people and on the backs of Black slaves but whatever,” tweeted a user called cheyanne.
“#4thofJuly is a holiday celebrating a bunch of mediocre, racist white people but I'm still gonna go to the cookout and that's that on that,” tweeted another embittered anti-patriot.
“The 4th of July is depressing, I think it's knowing we as Native Americans are living in modern day slavery, Donald Trump is a racist Nazi!!” tweeted Eddie Scott Yazzie.
“Very conflicted about 4th of July this year. Its [sic] kind of hard to celebrate a country that was dumb enough to elect a racist sexist cheeto mf,” tweeted one Chelsea Connors.
Tweets expressing anti-Fourth feeling continued seemingly endlessly.
“I don't celebrate racist white ppl holidays,” declared one user. “Hey it's almost 4th of July and I wanna let y'all know that I'm not happy about that because the founding fathers were racist murderers,” tweeted another. “f**k this racist country #UnpatrioticAndProud,” wrote a user named Mckela Walker.

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