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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

JESUS Near New York MOSQUE Investigated as ‘BIAS Incident’

An image of Jesus Christ left near a New York mosque on July 7, 2017, is being investigated by police as a bias incident. (WPIX-11 New York screenshot)

 Douglas Ernst 

New York police are looking for a suspect who left an image of Jesus Christ near a mosque on the northern side of Long Island.
The Hillside Islamic Center in North New Hyde Park, Nassau County, contacted police last Friday when a painting of Jesus was found on fence near the building. Authorities are investigating the event as a bias incident, although mosque members say the suspect may be confused about their religious beliefs.
“As a Muslim, I love Jesus. We are told to love Jesus,” member Eydid Ali told a local affiliate of The CW. “He actually is a prophet of ours. And a lot of people don’t know this but he’s also our messiah.
“We have no problem that they left that. The only thing is we don’t believe there should be drawings of certain religious figures. That’s the only thing that was wrong with it,” he continued.
The image though, is of Jesus dying on the cross, and the crucifixion is something Islam does reject.
The New York chapter of The Council on American-Islamic Relations released a statement calling the ordeal a “teaching moment for the perpetrator,” the station reported.
Nassau County Crime Stoppers have asked anyone with information to call 800-244-TIPS.

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