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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

OpEd: REPEAL Republicans for BREAKING Promise

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I know you can't Repeal Republicans, but you need to send them a Clear and Concise Message.

You have already VOTED to Repeal ObamaCare to get elected. You shouted from the Highest Mountain Tops how it was destroying your constituents ability to pay for it. You have had 7 years of data on the Out of Control costs and predicted outcome in 2018.

Now you're sounding just like the Democrats, LYING to the Public for your personal gain. Not only is it unethical, but it puts you on notice as a Liar. 

How do you think your constituents will react? 

If the Republicans can't get 50 votes, I suggest you pack your lying butts and find a new job that allows lying to those who depend on you. 

Do you also lie to your family and friends?

Here's the ludicrous part of the vote, it only moves the Bill back to the House to change again. How is that a bad thing?

So Ok, maybe the Bill isn't exactly what everyone sees as fair. 
No problem. 


You are suppose be our leaders. you KNOW why you were Elected. Many of you would have never won without the ObamaCare debacle.

IMHO, Repealing ObamaCare is the ONLY WAY Democrats will come the table. You can NOT allow them to pick up seats in either House because you haven't done your jobs. 

If so, ObamaCare may be with us forever. The best we can expect if Democrats swing either House is the FIX. A single payer system that the unscrupulous Democrats will somehow finesse the American Public to accept.

This is your FINAL CHANCE to show the nation you have a VERTEBRAE. 

Just keep your PROMISE.


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