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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

‘They’re Calling Me a NAZI’ Says Fired & Gagged Google Employee Damore

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Douglas Ernst 

James Damore, the Google engineer who was fired last week over content in his now-famous diversity memo, says critics are smearing his character by likening him to a Nazi.
The man who wrote “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” agreed to a CNN Tech interview Tuesday to discuss his firing and what he sees as disingenuous reporting by various media outlets. The network’s senior technology correspondent, Laurie Segall, challenged him by asking about support by the politically amorphous “alt-right” movement.
“I do not support the alt-right,” Mr. Damoresaid. “Just because someone supports me doesn’t mean I support them.”
Mr. Damore said many engineers from Silicon Valley are “in the closet” because of the ramifications for politically challenging men such as Google CEO Sundar Pichai.
“There’s a very strong idea that the left ideology is the only ideology possible,” Mr. Damore told CNN Tech. “We should be able to express differing opinions. I’m a centrist, and they’re calling me a Nazi. That is a real problem.”
The engineer has also been painted as a sexist for the assertion that biology plays some role in the career paths of men and women, and that understanding those differences is a key to crafting non-discriminatory hiring practices.
“I’m saying that people that go into tech are interested in ‘things’ versus ‘people’ generally,” Mr. Damore said. “As a population, there are fewer women that are interested in things versus people.”
The engineer told CNN that he is looking for a new job between book offers and requests for interviews.

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