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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Millennials, Unschooled in POLITICAL TRUTHS, Pine for Third Party


Apparently, neither Democrats nor Republicans are resonating with the youth of America.
But rather than fight it out, millennials want an entirely new system.
Fully 71 percent of millennials say the country needs a third political party.
That’s according to a new NBC News/GenForward poll released this week.
And the anti-status quo showing in this survey likely has a lot to do with millennials’ views of President Donald Trump. Sixty-three percent think he’s doing pretty much a lousy job as president, while 65 percent see America, circa 2017, headed on the wrong track.
Meanwhile, six in 10 also currently disapprove of Congress, with 59 percent holding negative views of Republicans on Capitol Hill and 42 percent, of Democrats.
Of course, these are the same millennials who just pined for America to turn away from capitalism and toward socialism. In a YouGov survey published last month, 44 percent of millennial-age Americans said they’d rather live in a socialist country — and 7 percent said they’d prefer communism.
So their present third-party aspirations? Their anti-Trump points of view?
To be expected.
These are people who love socialism — or at least the idea of socialism. But if they were actually educated on the evils of socialism, if they stepped outside of America and entered a socialist country and tried to establish themselves in a socialist society, perhaps their views would change. Perhaps then millennials wouldn’t be so quick to hate on Trump, hate on America’s political system, hate on capitalism, hate on a government system that puts individual rights — God-given rights — before those of the collective and state.
Truly, it’s not a new political party that America needs.
It’s a better public school system, one that teaches the truths of U.S. history, the Constitution, Founding Father intents — and the utter despicable outcomes of nations that live under socialistic-minded dreamers who think nothing of tearing away individual rights for the greater good of government, or, more to truth, of the select few.

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