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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Worst Job in Tech: Staring at HUMAN DEPRAVITY to Keep It Off Facebook

Social-media giants hire legions of contractors to hunt for pornography, racism and violence in a torrent of posts and videos

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By her second day on the job, Sarah Katz knew how jarring it can be to work as a content moderator for Facebook Inc. FB 0.93% She says she saw anti-Semitic speech, bestiality photos and video of what seemed to be a girl and boy told by an adult off-screen to have sexual contact with each other.Ms. Katz, 27 years old, says she reviewed as many as 8,000 posts a day, with little training on how to handle the distress, though she had to sign a waiver warning her about what she would encounter. Coping mechanisms among content moderators included a dark sense of humor and swiveling around in their chairs to commiserate after a particularly disturbing post.

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  1. I have been in facebook jail a whole bunch of times during the Obama era, around 4 times since DONALD TRUMP took office.