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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mark Levin: Hillary Clinton Essentially ‘PAID for a WARRANT,’

Hillary Clinton pauses while delivering a speech conceding her defeat to Republican Donald Trump after the hard-fought presidential election, Nov. 9, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) ** FILE **
 (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) 

 Douglas Ernst

Radio host Mark Levin says Americans need a succinct way of understanding the FISA warrant to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page in 2016: “Hillary Clinton paid for a warrant.”
The former chief of staff to Ed Meese, Ronald Reagan’s second attorney general, brought his expertise to Fox News Channel Monday night to discuss last week’s declassified House memo on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russia investigation. Mr. Levin said its contents — along with second memo released by Sens. Charles Grassley of Iowa and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina — point to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton using professional networks to surreptitiously politicize the FBI.
Hillary Clinton paid for a warrant. That’s the easiest way we can put it,” Mr. Levinsaid.
The host said that former President Obama and his top officials had to know that Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee were connected with former British spy Christopher Steele, author of the infamous Trump-Russia dossier.
“The American people have been subjected to a massive propaganda and misinformation campaign by the Clinton campaign, the Obama administration,” Mr. Levin said. “Let me ask you a logical question, Sean. Why would the Russians want Donald Trump to be president of the United States when they could get everything they want from Hillary Clinton? Whether it’s uranium, whether it’s undermining our defense by cutting military spending, by refusing to secure our border — why in the world would the Russians want Trump as opposed to Hillary Clinton?”
Mr. Levin then joked about Mr. Obama going into the Witness Protection Program to avoid discussing the issue.
“I’m telling you that the frenzied defense of what has taken place here is to protect Hillary and to protect Obama,” he said.
Democrats contend that their rebuttal memo voted on Monday by the House Intelligence Committee will negate claims of bias at the FBI.

Mr. Trump will review the 10-page document and decide upon its release by Friday.

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