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Sunday, February 11, 2018


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theodore  M I R A L D I.

The fiasco now going on regarding unmasking citizens and the Obama Paranoia is keeping our nation teetering on Revolution. It might appear the Revolution to change minds to accept an upside down fiction, that Obama and his cronies were ethical and on the side of the common good. 

Yet, around every story lurks the Stain that Obama has left behind.

From Dead Diplomats to Spying on American Citizens, and most recently Spying on the opposing party during a Presidential Election.

Some noticed from his sketchy past and associations that Obama was no more than a creation of positive imaging over a flawed reality. The close family members that espoused Communal Thinking and Government Control. The African connection vilifying Western Colonialism and American Exceptionalism. 

Obama was never the Son of a Patriot, but the result of Hatred and Deception.

And so we find our Institutions, and Venerable Justice shattered by his hand picked enablers, focusing on the Dissemination of Lies and Corruption worthy of a Saboteur. What's troubling is the Audacity and Arrogance to continue to speak out in view of the numerous revelations regarding Institutional wide Corruption at the Highest Levels against the systems that protect us. 

We may have gone too far down the Rabbit Hole to correct these abuses without a Drastic Correction. I have always maintained that forceful examples be made of those who have used our Trust to Manipulate the Centers of Power in this nation. 

Some MUST Go to Jail!

If not, this Cancer that now disrupts nearly every level of America's Liberties and Freedoms will be lost. We must collect our means and show Americans and the World, 

Freedom is NOT Free!

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  1. Executions are in order for traitors. Incarceration is so inadequate for treason against one's fellow citizens. Sadly, our twisted national values permit the execution of our own helpless flesh and blood within the womb, but have lost our intestinal fortitude to kill our killers. We do know the value of exterminating our insects and rodents, but consider it humane wisdom to foolishly think that our human vermin can be rehabilitated. Then there's the insanity where a life sentence no longer means a life for a life. When the state repeatedly fails to be the avenger, citizens have little recourse for justice outside of revenge.