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Sunday, March 25, 2018

OpEd: Kids HOGGING Gun Control Issue

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

I'm all for young people standing together speaking to National Issues. My generation set the tone for mostly peaceful demonstrations on issues like War, Freedoms and Equality. March for Our Lives isn't that at all. In many cases the young men doing the shootings were from the very schools they shot up. And time after time, these young men were either bullied, or isolated by the very students they knew. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way blaming the kids. They are the progeny of a nation lost in Propaganda and few solutions. 

What does that tell you? A few things. First of all kids in every generation kids can be pretty mean and judgmental when they decide someone is an outsider. I know this from first hand experience. And for obvious reasons today's kids have many more psychological and social problems than many generations before them.

Getting along has to do with social skills and individual behaviors, not Mob Rule or Group Think.
The individual has gone the way of Black & White TV. The last thing our children need is to be involved in The Politics of Irrational Process. They won't win! Some of the brightest adults in our society have tried to expunge the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution to no avail. It's Not going to happen by large numbers of adolescents demanding change. The real change that must happen is much more visceral and closer to home.

The Utopian Left has been selling this narrative for Centuries. What's different and harmful is the use of children to do their bidding. They have been set up to Fail, and Fail BIG!  Just be truthful, at a time when children are living with their parents well into their 30's and 40's. Will the future look brighter for them when they register another loss on this issue.

The sooner they realize that we live in a Violent World that no One Individual, Group or World War has been able to find Peace. Unfortunately, it's the Nature of the Beast. Anyone thinking they are starting a Revolution regarding Gun Control is Delusional. That's right, we are talking about children. And a certain amount of Delusion is in every Idealistic Child, as well as Invincibility.

Mr. Hogg is a product of the Left, and like Bell Bottoms will quickly fall out of fashion when the instant fix subsides. Too many Ideas, not enough experience will win out in the short run.

Don't forget these are the kids that demonize their own peers, stop them verbally and sometimes physically from exercising their 1st Amendment Rights. To think that they will change the course of Public Debate is ludicrous. This is just an emotional exercise, like stomping their feet and speaking out of turn. 

I would suggest something that they can help eradicate and save 60 to 70 thousand lives a year.

March Against Drugs, for the most part they are the ones using them and dying. Now that would be rational.

Like it or not Mr. Hogg, you're being Manipulated.

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