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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Suspect in Slaying of New York Student CAUGHT In Nicaraqua

The Nicaragua National Police on Wednesday released a photo of the suspect in the killing of a New York nursing student who fled the U.S. to the Central American country shortly after the woman's death.

Orlando Tercero, 22, was arrested Tuesday by the Nicaragua National Police in connection with the death of Haley Anderson, 22, a fellow nursing student at Binghamton University, part of the State University of New York system.


Student's death sparks international manhunt
The office of District Attorney Stephen Cornwell in Broome County, N.Y., confirmed Tercero's arrest, Fox 40 reported.

In the photo, Tercero is seen surrounded by four armed police officers wearing masks. He appears to be bleeding from his lip and is wearing bandage above his left eye.


Broome DA Confirms Capture Of Orlando Tercero …
1:23 PM - Mar 14, 2018

Broome DA Confirms Capture Of Orlando Tercero

Broome County District Attorney has now confirmed the capture of Orlando Tercero and released the following

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Tercero was named a person of interest after authorities found Anderson’s body in his off-campus apartment. Police believe Tercero fled the U.S. via New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport to his native Nicaragua, where he has family.

Anderson’s roommate said the two had only "hooked up" and were never a proper couple, adding that Tercero had "never got over his obsession with her."

After discovering Anderson's body last Friday, authorities ruled her death a homicide. Tercero allegedly told his sister he had "done something bad," and was a "disgrace to the family," the New York Post reported.

Tercero’s attorney told the New York Post that his client is “being detained by Nicaraguan authorities while matters are being further investigated.”

Nicaraguan officials say they do not know if Tercero will be extradited to the U.S. to face charges.


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  1. UP DATE~!~!

    The Nicaragua National Police caught the S.O.B. who murdered
    Storm Durham. The rest of the story in the comments below.

    Not sure if this one is real or not, but it’s a helluva story if it is true:

    Woman gets fired from Virginia social services job because she has a CCW, a concealed carry pistol permit.

    Not that she was packing heat at work. Just because she could have been. And they couldn’t accept her word that she hadn’t in the past. She could have, so she could have put them in danger, if she could have been a loonie. So the uppities at SS canned her.

    Smells like a gazillion dollar wrongful termination lawsuit and perhaps a court case that could float all the way up to the Supremes?

    A woman identifying as a Virginia social worker took to social media Friday evening to vent about being fired from her job for being a concealed carry permit holder.

    Storm Durham, a former Department of Virginia Social Services employee who describes herself as a “22 year old blonde who is 5’2 and about 140 pounds who loves everything Disney, pink, and basic,” asserts that she was escorted out of her office by three Roanoke, Va., police officers after she was canned. She was, according to a post on Facebook, not even allowed to use the bathroom due to “serious safety concerns to the building.”

    “I was fired today due to having a concealed carry permit,” Durham wrote on Facebook. “Was my gun on me? No. Has it ever been on me during my job, or visits, or anything related to work? No. When I told them that it has never been on me during work, what did they say? ‘How do we know that.’”

    “I got my concealed carry because I am woman, and y’all have seen the news, it’s kind of crazy,” she said on a Facebook Live video. In her post, she described herself as a “survivor or [sic] sexual assault.”