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Saturday, May 12, 2018

OpEd: Dems ROTTEN EGGS; What's Left to Like?


theodore  M I R A L D I.

There's one thing that has angered me throughout my life. It's hurtful people who are so insecure with themselves, that they purposely try to make others look bad, so they will look better. I've had my share of disappointment with friends, and even family. Now you can add to the list ...Total Strangers!

This is what Democrats have been losing their credibility over. Mean spirited criticism over the most inane narratives. Issues that adolescent children fight about in the lunchroom. Democrats have no policy, no real accomplishment in decades. And for those who would bring ObamaCare to the table, I admit it to be successful. Successful in destroying both the Medical Profession, Health Care Providers and those who were happy with their Health Care Plans.

It's wrong to punish one segment of the population in order to artificially prop-up others, who care little to advance themselves using their own merit. How can Success have so many things wrong with it? Those who cling to perceived  victimization  judge every nuance and hate anyone who has achieved it.

The left supports any language that diminishes the character of their opponents. Apparently, there is no behavior that exists which is exempt between friends, strangers and even lovers. From gutter talk to outright abuse of one another, that originates from a hateful space in their lives.

'I'll Get You At Any Cost.'

I've been verbally assaulted by strangers, who actually say bad thing about my mother. Can you imagine the diminished stature of a person who would do such a thing? It's all hate. All of the time. It has crept into every level of our social strata. America is sick. If this behavioral illness isn't treated, the patient may very well die.

Sarcasm and Irony make for great books, movies and the like, but turned into attack vehicles to destroy other human beings is just wrong. It promotes the darkest side of human behavior. It is an emotional disconnect from reality. Normal personal interactions have been sidelined by Text Messaging, Emails, Twitter and SnapChat. Talking on the phone has gone the way of the DoDo, and likely, so has the consequence of human interaction. 

The Speech Filters have been deemed Old Fashioned, and not be be taken seriously by the 'Children of the Thumbs.' Respect of any kind, has been brushed aside for Vulgarity and Impulsiveness. I for one, believe few Great Things will be accomplished by the return of Primitive and Hostile Tribalism.

So much talk about Community, so little Social Learning.

We are being forced to act beneath our capabilities for a reason...Pure Political Power!

Too Many Rotten Eggs Destroying a Once Proud Party.

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