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Saturday, May 19, 2018


Talk-radio host rips 'snake' for 'trying to double back and cover their tracks'

james clapper with obama


Got him!
That’s what talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh is saying after Barack Obama’s director of national intelligence, James Clapper, claimed it was a “good thing” if the reports that the Obama administration had someone spying on the Trump campaign are true.
Clapper said in a CNN interview the Obama administration’s FBI “may have had someone who was talking to them in the campaign, but, you know, the focus here … is not on the campaign, per se, but what the Russians were doing.”
His comments came after the New York Times reported the FBI had a spy embedded in the Trump campaign.
Limbaugh charged on his Friday program: “No, you were spying on Trump. You were trying to find evidence that Trump was conspiring with the Russians, not that Russia was conspiring with Trump.
“That’s what you wanted to prove. And if you could, if you could have gotten close to it, I know these people would have said so. This is total obfuscation. ‘No, we weren’t looking at the campaign. No, no, no. We were looking at the Russians because, of course, the Russians were going to try to instantiate themselves in the campaign or influence their leverage,’ blah, blah, blah, blah. These guys are trying to double back and cover their tracks, lying through their wooden teeth about what they were doing.’
“So we’ll just say that the next time there’s a presidential race, we’re gonna vouch for a spy being in the Democrat campaign. It’s a valuable thing. We need to have informants in there, Mr. Clapper, to see to it that foreign actors don’t instantiate themselves, as you say, into the campaign and tamper with our precious electoral process.”
He was just warming up.
“You know, here’s another thought. And this is how I know that the snake Clapper is lying. Clapper tells CNN ‘Oh, no, no, no, we weren’t interested in the Trump campaign, our spy. We think it was a good thing the FBI had a spy to look for pernicious activity from the Russians, the Russians tampering with our electoral process. It was a good thing they had a spy in that campaign, not to look at the Trump campaign, but to look at the Russians.’
“Mr. Clapper, then why didn’t you put a spy in the Hillary campaign? She was interacting with the Russians. She was rigging the DNC primary. She did hire a guy to write a phony opposition research with Russian agents on Trump. The Hillary campaign was intertwined with the Russians for months. Why didn’t you have a spy in her campaign, if it was the Russians you were really interested in? Why not look at how Hillary was working with them?”
Limbaugh’s conclusion: “But of course they weren’t looking for the Russians, because I think they’ve known from the get-go the Russians didn’t affect the outcome of this election. Remember, if Hillary had won, you’d a never heard about the Russians, other than whatever steps they took to destroy Trump, which I think they would have done. Even if Trump had lost, I think they would have made moves to further destroy this guy, to send the message to any other outsiders, ‘Don’t even think about trying this. Look what we’ll do to you.'”
He said: “You people have done more to damage the integrity of the American electoral process than Vladimir Putin could in his dreams! And I’m not joking.”
Real Clear Politics reported Clapper’s comments to CNN’s Don Lemon.
The former DNI said that if someone was spying on Trump, “that’s a good thing because the Russians posed a threat to the very basis of our political system.”

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