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Monday, June 11, 2018

OpEd: Norms To NUTS

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

As I watch the World spiral out of control, I often ask myself, how could we let things get to this point? The majority of Americans have lived in Safety and Abundance for their entire lives. With our good nature as a Nation, we have shared that Grace, with hundreds of millions of people Around the World.

It saddens me to think that the adage that 'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished' has truth. There is a growing sense of Dread propelled by Senseless Violence, both Physical and Psychological. People are have become predisposed to hurting themselves and one another. 

Are we becoming Less Human?

Surely it's not possible to infuse over 300 million America Citizens with a sense of purpose. Although, up until recently we've done it better than any nation throughout our long History. Societies Worldwide have gone Dark, some never had  the chance to reach Enlightenment. The GRACE of Universal Awareness imbued in the soul, makes us a Loving Species, willing to give our lives to Protect Others from the Darkness. This Grace is being Snuffed out by Hate.

We have become a Nation without Norms. A Patchwork of desperate characters with one purpose alone ... The Self. We barely have the desire to speak the same language, no less have the same purpose. The glue that has always kept us together have been mores and NORMS.

If this is Modernity, You Can keep It! 

If this is Progress ... Be Gone!

It's not that I'm Old Fashioned mind you, Fashion and Behavior are not synonymous, or validate one another. With One you have choice, the other is thrust upon you like a sagging pair of pants. 

I witness bad behaviors each and everyday, by large swathes of the population. Disrespect for authority is now Fashionable. Little do they know that giving your seat on a bus, or train to a senior shows Character.

This new species of humans thinks that Character is built by the Consumption of Intangible Things. Sorry, you will not find a Box of Character on Ebay, Facebook, Amazon or SnapChat.

The Spring that keeps the Human Clock in tune, and on time can only be found Within.

Money doesn't buy Civility, or Common Sense. Only the evolution of the Human Mind and Heart, presents true opportunity to become better at all things.

Nonsense, has replaced Common Sense. Hatred is making a big Comeback. 

I have always viewed Life with Optimism and Hope. 

After all, it's the Very Purpose of Life Itself.

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