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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

OpEd: The Obama CRIME Wave

theodore  M I R A L D I.

So you still think Obama was a symbol of good government? As the indicators are proving out, little that Obama, and his cult followers did in 8 years of strangling the economy, and fuming social unrest made life in America Better.

On the other hand as we continue to be strangled by Bias Investigations, and Everything Trump. Sound familiar, it's the Stain of Obama.

Indictments and Jail have been handed out by the very element that Obama has Seeded and Polluted. How badly does our nation look to the world filled with Corruption by Bad Actors in proven concert attempting to destroy the nation they serve and despise.

Weaponizing the Institutions to punish American Citizens is tantamount to Treason. Those abetting the tactics of the Left are Enemies of the State. Many of these players are Bureaucrats who do not have the Independent Power to actually get away with this deceit. Eventually the Force of Constitutional Power will Silence their Lies.

The FBI and DOJ were created by Congress, they are responsible to act with Honesty and Integrity supported by the Public Trust. Surely that has been lacking since the election of Obama. Lying and Diversion  was how Obama ruled.

Obama Micro-Managed EVERYTHING,  from Bombing Raids to the Media.

To suggest he knew nothing regarding what was happening with the Clinton Probe, IRS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Syria, Iran and a host of other debacles is ludicrous.

The full focus of the Obama Administration was to pay back the perceived perpetrators of an unjust society that demanded the adherence of rules that were not created by the minority. It's why in the end, Obama Failed Miserably by the standards he championed.

This One-Trick President truly had little cohesive policy that MainStreet would find palatable. The granting of obscure privilege to the few merely enraged the many. It may have taken longer because many of his appointments were people of color, and to criticize the minority of any wrongdoing would guarantee Personal Destruction by the Force of Government. Disagreement was not tolerated. 

These are the tactics of Despots, Socialists and Communists, not Patriotic Americans. To assume Obama was a Patriot was a stretch considering we knew he was working for the side of Human Behavior that blamed others for personal failures and poor choices. His rhetoric of reverse psychology played well to the Drama Driven Voter caught up in Self Indulgence and Grievance. He well knew fixing the downtrodden meant losing power.

The management model never to punish anyone for Unethical and Criminal Behaviors kept him relevent to his base. His support for the release of convicts, and violent Illegals from jail was his way to disrespect the Public along with a arrogant grin. This President was a child trying to do a man's job. 

His apprenticeship was the Corrupt Chicago Crime Machine of which he was a student.

Obama in time will go down as the most Corrupt President in American History.

And the Race Card won't save him...

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