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Sunday, June 3, 2018

OpEd: Democrats DESPERATE for Something BAD

theodore  M I R A L DI.

How can so many people in this nation be focused of Negativity? Like it or not, there are many Positive things that Americans should be Celebrating. Just the tip of the iceberg are the Economy, Low Unemployment, Increased Jobs, the Reduction of Obama's Burdensome Regulations, the Repeal of the ACA Mandate, Foreign Policy, and yes Trade. Add to it the possibly of formally ending the Korean War, and Things are pretty darn great.

Who in their right minds would have anything to complain about? 

The Democrats of course.

It's somewhat pitiful for the rest of the nation to be subject to the American Troika. The Gang of 3,
The Party, The Media and the forlorn Ideologues gnashing their teeth at any Good News.

In the absence of Policy, the Democrats and their 'Comrades in Whining' rummage through every story for a single morsel of angst to work themselves up into a frenzy of ugly vitriol against Man, Woman and God. 

In their repetitious Propaganda, lies the Truth of their Character.

Nearly half of the nation has been so coddled in their viewpoints, that any deviation creates mass hysteria. They feed on the destruction of anything that is disagreeable to them.

They have become Addicted to words. Buzz words burnished in their minds by the so-called Leaders of Hate. The same leaders incessantly trolling the perceived victims of the American Experience. The participants of social paradigms that have brought nations to their knees.

I fail to endorse Nations, or Leaders who demand devotion for your mere Existence. Some might say they are trying to return us to ancient times of Single Rule and Blind Obedience.

Sadly to say, this Disease Infects all strata of our society. Weened on ratting each other out, as do citizens of Totalitarian governments, these methods destroy what makes America Great. The individual, Free to Pursue their own Destiny, Aided by Government, not Forced to Obey.

What the Democrats want and need is for Something, Anything Bad to Happen. Their manipulative
Assassination of Character has become obvious to many. The incessant drone of their inane complaining about all of the good things that are happening is becoming too much.

What has made this country the envy of the world is our unity under fire.

There are Bad Actors with an Agenda to Break our National Will, the Core of our Success.
How can something so Good, be so Bad?

Just ask a Democrat.

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