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Friday, July 20, 2018

OpEd: Democrats HELSTINKI!

theodore M I R A L D I.

If all of the geniuses on the Left can recite the 2 plus hours of private talks between Trump and Putin they may have an argument to present to the American Public. A Press Conference has little to do with the substantive talks that went on between leaders. 

The fact that American Intelligence sent us to war that killed thousands in Iraq has been lost in the assessment of the mindless LEFT. Intelligence assessments on Libya, Syria, Iran and North Korea have also been dead wrong for decades. 

Add to it the current situation with former Intelligence Heads speaking out Publicly against a Sitting President, who sat at the table with the former Liar & Chief Obama, and just maybe a healthy dose of skepticism is in order.

None of the Hate Trump antagonists have told the Truth for some time. Why should anyone believe them now?

They are the instruments of deceit that believe they themselves must guide our nation even if it means the destruction of Logic and Common Sense. It was OK for Obama to speak to our Enemies and apologize for our History, Bow Down to Sheikhs and Kiss Rings. 

These were the signs of Appeasement, where was the Outcry regarding the Puppet Masters of Obama? Why didn't the media demand an explanation? Please, 150 Billion Dollars in cash on the tarmac, not a peep. And the Left would have us believe that stunt was Presidential. 

Why didn't the HEADS of our Intelligence Agencies call Obama a Traitor? Where was their Patriotism when Obama whispered in Prime Minister Medvedev ear that this was his last election, and he will have more freedom to do more. Which Medvedev responded, he would pass this on to Vladimir.

At no time in my lifetime have previous members of our Intelligence Community purposely use the media to call for Impeachment, Assassination, Military Coups and Street Violence. These are the forces of Evil who have weakened our nation at home and abroad. The Left has no Policy initiatives that resolve the issues Americans are concerned about. They feel that they have the right to Criticize, Insult and Threaten the Government and Elected Officials with no consequences.

There's Only One Way to Stop This Nonsense!

The DOJ needs to Indict, Convict and Incarcerate members of the Obama Administration. The DOJ must remove the gloves that the LEFT has relied on for decades. They attack Free Speech to protect their dysfunctions. The only way to fix their blackened hearts from attempting to dilute the value of our Society and Nation, is to abort them from the Public Sphere. 

This would not be the first time in American History the Democrats and their foils needed to be curtailed, and brought to Justice. The Reconstruction Acts laid a firm hand on the Democrat Controlled South after the Civil War. 

If these Abuses of Sanity continue, we may be revisiting a terrible past.

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