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Thursday, July 5, 2018

OpEd: The POLITICS of 'Chicken Little'


theodore  M I R A L D I.

How can so many Americans be so foul? Is it even possible that everything that we stand for as a people, a nation, and maybe a species be so wrong? Some might presume we are reaching the end of something, or the beginning of something else.

All you need to do, is to ask. The Psycho-Babble is everywhere. Fear has gripped even the most fierce among us. Never mind the little old ladies in Congress.

When the slightest perception of inconvenience arises, out comes Chicken Little and the angry warblers singing a song of destruction, of everything. Not only is the 'Sky Falling' but the ground below is sinking fast.

And the Force of Nature is no other than Donald J. Trump #45.

How dare he give us a better economy through better jobs and higher wages. Insulting us with an optimistic outlook of the future. Safe? Who needs safety from Undocumented Strangers Invading our Communities and harming our neighbors. He must be a Racist you know. 

These things are just not normal. 

And those kids being separated from their  lawbreaking parents. The Inhumanity of it! 

American are horrible people. 

Who would want a new neighbor that sent their young children through a desert with strangers, to a foreign country living next door? Rape, Sodomy, Murder...the kids have to grow up, don't they? They will be better off with those people over there throwing rocks and cursing at each other.

Any good parent could see that!

Just think of all the Free Stuff they will get from those cursing angry people. They actually look like our neighbors back home South of the Border.

There is no humor in stupidity. There are no moral equivalent  in Evil. Promoting and Publicizing Insanity never has a happy ending. 

Yet, we have a Force of Nature attempting to show Chicken Little and his Warblers the other side of the road, before we kick the stuffing out of them!

The Land of Common Sense ... Where the Left doesn't exist ...

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