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Saturday, July 7, 2018

OpEd: We've Had Enough! ReDECLARE Our Independence

theodore  M I R A L D I.

We live in the most Civilized, Technically Advanced Nation in Modern History. Immigrants coming in our nation are running away from Poverty, War and Oppression. Most of us come from Immigrant families and take the Gift of America Seriously. No-one is running toward many of the nations of people that arrive. Who would?

Pilgrim Populations wanted a better life for their children at any cost to themselves, sometimes forfeiting life itself after they arrived. From Barren Landscape rose the Greatest Cities in the World.
By joining hands in a common purpose we forged a Nation of Fellowship that secured our Futures and Freed those Enslaved around the world. We, the Americans created the success that many others nations enjoy around the world.

America is Still the Land of Opportunity. Ask any of the hard working Immigrant populations here.

So why are we listening to a segment of Immigrants who do little but complain. I'm insulted, how about you?

We have been a First World Nation for almost 100 years, why would we, or should we be listening to people who come from places that have not in Hundreds of years and longer, not been able to supply the population with the most basics of human needs, clean water, sewage, food and social order. 

How dare you tell me and my fellow Americans how we should do anything!

We are also the children of Immigrants for Generations. The difference is Culture. 

How dare you come here and expect our nation to adhere to your dysfunctions. 

How dare you march in our streets waving foreign banners exalting your failures as citizens of failed nations.

Migrating to this nation is a gift American Citizens have given you if you obey our laws. If not you must suffer the consequences. What we are seeing are populations with little character, and certainly
little respect for our way of life.

It is my right to Declare Independence once more from the Tyranny of your Dysfunctions.

To paraphrase a common adage, When in America, Do as Americans Do!

And if not, there are Billions of others willing to Obey our Laws!

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