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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Rank-and-file bombard social media with explanations


Most of the elections on Tuesday were primaries, meaning it was Republican against Republican or Democrat against Democrat to decide who’s in the general election in November.
But in Ohio’s 12th congressional district, the race was for the short time remaining in the term, and as of Wednesday, Republican Troy Balderson held a lead over Democrat Danny O’Connor.
But the result wasn’t, according to Democrats flooding social media with outrage, because of President Trump’s campaigning for Balderson. It wasn’t because the district long has been Republican. It wasn’t because that’s who the voters wanted to represent them.
It was the Russians.
Infowars, the embattled website founded by Alex Jones that was banned Monday by several social-media platforms, compiled the Democrats’ conspiracy claims.
The images of the statements cannot be reproduced here because of their offensive language.
Actress Alyssa Milano wrote, “Because of our unwillingness to pass policy that protects our election integrity, I immediately think the Green Party vote tonight are Russian meddling.”
A Mr. Weeks said, “The Green Party is really Russian operatives paid to influence voting elector to divide Democrats.”
Commented writer Chris Menahan at the InfoWars site, “Democrats blame Russians for Ohio loss, turn on the Green Party.”
And he added, “They’re blaming Russia for their loss and saying the Green Party are agents of the Russkies!”
Blaming the Russians has been thematic for the Democrats since President Trump defeated twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in 2016.
After the election, investigations revealed Russian interests bought ads on American social media during the campaigning.
Democrats have claimed, citing a still-unverfied “dossier” of Russian propaganda funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign, that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.
The social media statements Wednesday linked the Green Party, a third party alternative to the GOP and Democrat candidates, to Russian interests.
“If you’re a progressive and you voted for the Green Party candidate … you’re worse than a Trump supporter,” wrote Nate Lerner.

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