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Monday, September 3, 2018

Stuff WHITE People Invented...

White people constitute the 'Innovative Class'.

Just in-case some have forgotten...

It's not that I'm a white supremacist. I simply think it not in the best interest of world civilization to destroy the people group whose innovation and creativity has advanced -- and continues to advance exponentially -- the quality of life for all humanity, regardless of ethnicity. 

I was reminded of this reality while sitting in the doctor's waiting room yesterday. 

Two older white men were bemoaning the November 6 downfall of America. They agreed it was intentional. While they were speaking I was reading an article in the November 12 edition of Time magazine. The article was titled 'Best Inventions of the Year 2012.' 

The article listed 25 notable inventions: Indoor cloud (useless, but artistic), a DIY manual on how to simply make vital machines, a motion activated screwdriver, a non-stick coating that will allow catsup (or anything) slip out of a bottle, an open-source DIY solar water purifier that is more efficient and cheaper than those currently available that will particularly be beneficial to third-world people groups, and twenty other impressive gadgets. 

A far as I could determine, all were invented by white people (based solely on the ethnicity of the inventors' names) or consortium, such as the LiquiGlide that was invented at MIT. 

See photos and descriptions here.

The article is a reminder of the vast body of contributions the innovative class has made to world civilization, and continues to make. 

It also is a dire warning of the New Dark Ages the world population will experience once the innovative class is disabled or destroyed by social engineers hell-bent on their obscenely insidious notions of social justice. 

To drive this point, compare notable inventions by other people groups to those of the innovative class. 

Notable black inventions: Toy water canon, Motown, coffee

Notable East Asian inventions: Toothbrush, gun powder, gunpowder artillery (cannon), coal-burning heat, magnetic compass, silk, paper, noodle, block printing, porcelain, mechanical clock, abacus calculator, paper money 

Notable Arab inventions: Algebra (debatable)

Notable Aboriginal (Australia) inventions: Boomerang

Notable Aboriginal (Americas) inventions: Tobacco cultivation and processing, corn cultivation

Notable white inventions:

aerosol can, air conditioning, automotive airbag, airplane, airship, alphabet (Yep. Phoenicians were white.), American sign language, animation (films), answering machine, amusement park, aspartame, aspirin, assembly line, astrolabe, AstroTurf, audiotape, ATMs, automobile, asphalt pavement, prepared baby food, flat-bottomed paper bag, Bakelite, ball bearing, balloon,  adhesive bandage, bar code, barbed wire, barometer, battery, bicycle, blood bank, home freezer, blow dryer, atomic energy applications, Braille system, bra, bread slicing machine, button, buttonhole, calculator, calculus, Gregorian calendar, flee collar, camcorder, camera, movie camera, tin can, can opener, candle, canning, carbon-14 dating, cardboard and corrugated, cash register, cat litter, mail-order catalog, cellophane, cement, concrete, cereal flakes, chewing gum, chocolate candy, chronometer, pendulum clock, quartz clock, cloning, drip coffee, Styrofoam  decaf coffee, coins, compact disc (CD), computed tomography (CT scan, CAT scan), digital computer, laptop computer, network television, adhesive labels, personal computer, reinforced concrete, latex comdum, geometry, contact lenses, oral contraceptives, hybrid corn, bologna, White Out, grocery coupon, crayons, cream separator, credit card, crossword puzzle, DDT, defibulator, dentures, metal detector, smoke alarm, artificial diamond, disposable diaper, DVD, dishwasher, DNA fingerprinting, doughnut, revolving door, drinking fountain, movie theaters, dry cleaning, fabric elastic, bottle caps, cigarettes, electric chair, electrocardiogram (EKG), electroencephalogram, e-mail, subway, passenger elevator, encyclopedia, air brakes, internal combustion engine, jet engine, liquid-fueled rocket engine, steam engine, escalator, eyeglasses, fax, fiber optics, fiberglass, paper envelopes, photographic film, dynamite, adhesive glue, steel suspension bridge, Venetian blinds, portable flashlight battery, baggies, multiple vitamin, vacuum flask, food processor, freeze-dried foods, oxygen tank, frozen foods, magic markers, antifreeze, transistor radio, Fresnel lens, fuel cell, genetic engineering, tissue paper dress pattern, Gieger counter,"drive-through" window, glass, safety glass, greeting card, guillotine, electric guitar, chain saw, wire coat hanger, helicopter, holography, hypodermic syringe, fluoridation  in vitro fertilization, ink, insulin extraction and preparation, integrated circuit, Internet, electric iron, food irradiation, jeans, JELLO-O, jukebox, Kevlar, Kool-Aid, laser, laundromat, gas-powered lawn mower, Lego, incandescent light bulb, fluorescent ligh bulb, ligh-emitting diode (LED), linoleum, tube lipstick, FedEx and UPS, liquid crystal display (LCD), lock and key, flip-top cans, chlorofluorocarbon (Freon)locomotive, longbow, GPS technology, soda pop, loudspeaker, voice mail, modern hang gliders, electric fence, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), margarine, friction matches, metric system, microphone, microscope, microwave oven and other applications, wet suit, American baseball, Google, weed eater, miniature golf, golf, glass mirror, guided missile, supermarkets, musket, mobile home, electrical tape, electric wire, paper money, refrigerated trucks, Monopoly board game, Morse code, heart transplant, electric motor, outboard motor, motorcycle, computer mouse, books (codex), Muzak, nail, necktie, neon light, compressed rubber, nuclear reactor, nylon, oil lamp, oil well, tinfoil, nail clippers, pacemaker, paper clip, paper towel, modern parachute, concentrated fruit drinks, parking meter, hearing aid, particle accelerator, mustard (ancient Rome) pasteurization, modern universities, central community electric utilities, ballpoint pen, pencil, periodic table, plastic, snerf balls, personal watercraft (motor boat), petroleum jelly, plastic garbage bag, phonograph, photocopying, photography, Wikipedia, bluegrass music, WD-40, instant photography, digital photography, human genome sequencing, alternating current applications, astro turf, direct current applications, Play Doh, steel plow, pocket watch, polyethylene, King James Bible, polygraph, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Post-It Notes, potato chips, movable type, Prozac, radar, radio, car radio, symphony orchestra, rayon, psychology (ancient Egypt), naval jelly, modern psychology and psychoanalysis  electric razor, safety razor, mechanical reaper, LP records, refrigerator, TV remote control, hot dog, respirator, Frisbee, catsup, revolver, Richter scale, assault rifle, republic, roller coaster, Big Bird and Sesame St. characters, vulcanized rubber, basketball, American football, rubber band, Facebook, saccharin, cattle prod, Teflon, riding saddle, safety pin, vacuum tubes, wax paper, flares, communication satellite, saxophone  Scotch tape, car seat belt, sewing machine, anthropology (Aristotle), Mars and moon land rover, shoelaces, silicone, skateboard, ice skates, roller skates, tooth paste (Greeks), snow ski, steel-frame skyscraper, slot machine, snowmobile, soap, discount stores, carbonated soft drinks, sonar, postage stamps, windshield wipers, pickle, alternate speed windshield wipers, stapler, water treatment, steamboat, mass-produced steel, polyester, stainless steel, stereophonic sound recording, cloud seeding, stethoscope  stock ticker, stock market, stocks, electric stove, gas stove, drinking straw, submarine, sunglasses, sunscreen, supermarket, music synthesizer, drywall, synthetic skin, military tank, tea bag, teddy bear, Teflon, telegraph, telephone, mobile telephone, telescope, television, thermometer, thermostat, threshing machine, pneumatic tire, rubber processing, tissue paper, toilet paper, flush toilet, tractor, transistor, traffic lights, typewriter, ultrasound imaging, vaccination, electric vacuum cleaner, Velcro, video game, video recorder, videotape, virtual reality, vision correction laser, electric washing machine, wheel, wheelchair, windmill, rickshaw, Wold Wide Web, digital wristwatch, X-ray, Zamboni, zipper, corn syrup and other corn derivatives, man on the moon, etc.

The above list of white inventions does even begin to scratch the surface.  (I'll make additions as they come to mind.)

Consider how different the world would be without white people. 

Consider how different the world will be once Western civilization is disabled or destroyed. 

Imagine if members of the various races were required to live with only inventions from their own race. East Asians would be clothed in silk, White people in cotton and polyester, and blacks would be butt naked.

What if on Monday we were to live with only black inventions, Tuesday with East Asian inventions, Wednesday with Hispanic and aboriginal American inventions, Friday with aboriginal Australian inventions, Saturday with Mid-Eastern inventions, and Sunday with white inventions?

Which day would be the most convenient? Civilized?

Now, consider how different the future of civilization will be now that white Americans have surrendered their leadership role throughout the Eurosphere. 

Automotive transformation

While Barack Obama is busy dumping billions of dollars in failed green energy corporations, Tennessee researchers announced a simple and affordable adapter that enhances fuel efficiency in automobiles by 50 to 100 percent. The system using electromagnets and fits virtually any vehicle on the road. A prototype is being made by Dr. Charles Perry at Middle Tennessee State University [source]. 

*This article does not necessarily reflect the views of socio-political-journal

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