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Sunday, October 21, 2018


theodore  M I R A L D I.

We are surely at the end of a time, or maybe not...

It has become Tiresome, and Mentally Disturbing to endlessly defend our proud nation from Traitors, Saboteurs, and Seditionist narratives that openly support the end of prosperity and Civic Duty. 

MOBS...MOBS, and More MOBS!

In light of a former President, many of his Cabinet members and Party who support Kicking Citizens are now promoting MOB mentalities. NOW is the time to end the Domestic Uprising created by Angry Narcissists, Anarchists, Socialists and yes ... Communists.

How could one not know the intent from a Government of Victims who've perceived every slight as an attack on Race, Gender and that the responsibility lie with everyone but themselves.

What comes to mind is the analogy of animals running the zoo. No offense intended to Zoo Animals.

Unfortunately, the level of government expertise seems to point to the validity of the analogy. You see it in Local, State, and Federal Government. Just ask a two, or three tier question of most government employees and what you get are crickets. This same modality also exists with the Private Sector. Large companies no longer want their employees to be multi-faceted in the knowledge and understanding most of my generation demanded. This is a time of the 'One Trick Pony.' At one time, the more you knew the more valuable you were.

Seems Ludicrous...

On one hand technology has offered more information about everything. Yet, on the other people have become more entrenched in specific Group Think Narratives. As a result people think LESS for themselves. It's become an addiction to nonsense, and instant gratification. What better way to feed the Narcissist Mind?

We are at the precipice of something VERY GOOD happening, or something VERY BAD!

Conservatives must hold the House of Representative to Guarantee the Success of the Economy.

If not, the consequences will be that the Democrats who are fearless to repeating the malaise of the previous administration. They will have more power than they can handle. There will be No Growth, No Jobs, No Wall, and an OPEN Border for Anyone to walk across, and claim Refugee Status. The Democrats will not propose any new Immigration Law that does not include AMNESTY for over 22 million ILLEGAL ALIENS already here. Once they are legalized and the Democrats Control the House, Voting Rights will ensue.

I live in NYC and I barely recognize it. I am now a minority resident living with multitudes of people who don't speak English. If my Grandparents wanted to move to a Spanish speaking nation they would have moved to Spain, right next door to Italy. But they didn't. Their American Dream required that they speak the Language and embrace the Culture that made this nation Hopes best chance.

No longer is ENGLISH Mandatory, or being LEGAL Matter.

They carry their Flags, Speak their Language and Demand WE Assimilate. 

If that's not your Idea of who we are, or will be as a Nation,

Get Out and VOTE!

If not, Pelosi, Schumer, Booker, Harris,Waters, Hillary, and the rest of the Minority Victims will be running and ruining the nation once more! 

Liberalism has brought this nation to its Knees.

Stand for our Flag, Stand for American Exceptionalism

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