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Saturday, October 27, 2018

EDITORIAL: Migrants, Murder, BOMBS... Midterms & HATE!

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

edited 10/29/2018

The Anti-Semetic murder of peaceful worshippers brings to mind the Hatred of times passed and Genocide. Americans of all stripes must come together to silence those who divide
us as a people for Power. Our nation has no Tolerance for Murdering the Innocent!

What's with the Rash of Negative News Lately? This has been the most Dysfunctional, Irresponsible Political Atmosphere I have ever experienced. We have thousands of so-called Migrants (Invaders) at our Gate carrying Foreign Flags telling Americans that your Laws don't apply to us, because many in your government tell us so!

And even though the vast majority of us are MEN between the ages of 15 and 40, we do have a smattering of Women and Children to Default your Arguments. For some strange reason our Southern Neighbors think the American Public is responsible for their Corrupt Governments, and haven't got the Patriotism necessary to fight for their Freedoms. So instead, they head North to the Land of the Free, where Lawmakers Disguised as American Citizens give them a Free Pass that even Citizens don't enjoy. 
Sound confusing?

Even the most generic lifeform type has a natural instinct to migrate to greener pastures, it's Time's Greatest Battle on the planet. It's hardwired into, not only our Discovery Mode, but our Survival Mode as well.

Don't Blame these Simple, Uneducated Peoples for the Horrors of Mass Migration. The Blame is with the Ruthless Role of Dictators and Despots supported by Drug Cartels and Socialist Aggressors.

These are the same elements now staining our Systems of Justice. There are an abundance of Narcissist types calling themselves Lawmakers, or supporters of Human Rights. How about the Human Rights of Law Abiding American Citizens.  

On to Murder...

What's all the fuss about the Murder and Dismemberment of a Washington Post Journalist? I use the word 'Journalist' with great reservation. Where have all of you beenThis Barbaric Behavior has never left many of the countries in the Middle East. Is it any different. I say NOWhere was the outrage by the LEFT when women are being stoned in public for acting just like many American Women. Not a peep! So we are to believe that Bad Governments don't do this stuff anymore? 

Hello, anyone here of China, Russia, Central and South America?
Just to name a few.

Americans need to get Real. We live in a violent World where less than 10% of the Planet live in Socialized Countries. That leaves 90%! Do the math, how many Bad People does that possible make?

BOMBS Away...

This is just Speculation, but how can someone make so many bombs that didn't work? The Feds called them 'Mickey Mouse Bombs' for a reason. I suppose they weren't suppose to work by design. And the Bombmaker's Lifestyle seems somewhat suspect.
Hope that doesn't make the Real Terrorists Mad for giving them a bad name. 

The Midterms...

We can Debate the Pros and Cons until the Votes are cast! Americans still know how bad things were, and where we are today. Make your Vote Count!

Every Election supplies us with the Insane and Absurd. I for one, suffer from FB cutting my Post reads by thousands. This anomaly seems to happen like clockwork. One day I'm popular, then here comes an Election, or some Gigantic News that Someone Doesn't Want Me to Talk About! 

Ummmm ...

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