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Monday, November 19, 2018

MEMO: Romancing The Chaos

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Maybe I've missed something somewhere along the way. When embracing the Darker Side of Human Behavior became so attractive. As optimism is the name of the sail that powers my ship, the waters below are getting rougher. Navigating simple destinations have been fraught with peril from sea to shining sea.

It has now become fashionable to hurt people.

I was under the impression that Humankind had turned the corner on Deception and Evil, or at least made considerable progress in taming the Savage Beast within. I'd be lying to say, that there are times in my day that I haven't received kindness, and understanding from unexpected sources. Though my present situations may not be altered, never the less, I am Grateful.

So, when I question the intent of others who seem to derive pleasure from making others uncomfortable and Fearful, I first look inward and calculate what Chaos has done to me personally, and is it something I Lust for again. Rest assure, that would be a resounding No!

What's happening to the millions of people who purposely promote division within our communities.

Is it Social Evolution Or, Social Engineering?

Or, a false sense of Personal Power that validates the lesser being within us. As a firm believer of Monkey See, Monkey Do, it has become evident that the powers that guide our senses have taken to a place of constant criticism of all that generates Good Behaviors.

Even the  hopeful cliques are turned upside down. One such clique is, 'It Takes a Village to Raise a Child' still sounds good to me. Where the Hell is that Village? You won't find it in most Democrat held Regions of our Nation where Violence and Ignorance rules.

The Lust to Disgust is the New Narrative of a fractured Party of Discontent! 

No matter the issue before us, their position is in direct conflict of all Common Sense and Truth. I've often heard it said, even if you Cured Cancer the Left would Complain that you have put Doctors Out of Work. 

The Absurdity is Reckless, and if continued will hasten a Correction of Violence. 

One thing is for certain, this battle we are facing has been fought before in our History. And History has proven over and over again, that Good Triumphs Over Evil. And all are capable of Evil, if even for a short time, to Fix what is Broken. 

The Left should Beware of What They Wish. 

Every Sword has a Double Edge...

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