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Saturday, December 29, 2018

MEMO: Getting Here The PRIZE?

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Getting Here should not be the Prize, yet more and more Immigrants are looking for the easy way out
of poverty by subverting U.S. Law, and living in the shadows on the Taxpayer's Dime. As a resident of a heavily populated area in New York, gaming the system has become an Art Form.

I'll shy away from individual stories of which I have many. And although my life now is devoted to helping those in need, I am never the less disappointed in some of our new neighbors who willingly disrespect and yes, bite the Hands that Feed Them.

These are not Wandering Hoards of Wildebeests looking to graze and move on. The so called migrants are being organized by elements in our own government along with others who believe this nation will be better and stronger with more poor people who can barely support themselves and their children. Mind you, Americans of all stripes have opened their hearts and wallets to the downtrodden for decades. It's what we do.

What's happening now is not the same.

We are faced with numerous historical and generational problems with our own citizen population. It is not of sound mind to empty our Treasury helping those who willingly and with intent break our Laws and disrespect the Sovereignty many have died for. 

These are not the Citizens of the Future who will take the torch of our Culture and History and make the nation better. Many of these new Law Breakers will position themselves in Static Communities that promote and profess Segregation. What you will see is these communities growing in size with few moving into integrated communities where Culture is a shared experience.

One would be remiss to think that all Immigrants, whether Legal, or not, are incapable to assimilate into the American Dream. Over 200 years of Social Progress has assimilated many different Cultures, Languages and Belief Systems into a Society that has changed the World.

So What's Different?

It is Undisputed Historical Fact, that areas Colonized by Western European Nations in large part, have been more successful. It is also a Historical Fact, that areas Colonized by Portugal and Spain remain Poor and Under-Developed.

The relationship between colonial duration and wealth reflects the effect of colonization on material living standards. Portugal and Spain's Colonization could be likened to a 'Hit & Run" mentality. Both subjugated populations for cheap labor and resources. What was left behind were demoralized people and poverty. Sounds like what's still happening in Central and South America today.

The Stain left behind by slowed development and poverty has produced populations that up to this day, do not Trust Government, or Institution, no less the Laws of other nations.

Getting here has become easy because of our lax Border Security and Political Chicanery. Those shouting for Democracy are so near sighted, that the effects of uncontrolled Immigration is beyond their understanding. They have no vision of a Future for this nation, only the relativism of the present. 

In only a few generations this mighty nation will be brought to its knees using the flawed narratives and emotional outrage being generated by those who know little about history. Everything looks plausible to an empty mind and Idle hand.

It is the Duty of Our Representatives to FIX Our Broken Immigration System NOW!!

Rewarding Law Breakers has become Acceptable by some in our government...

The future will bring little success to those who believe they have Beaten our Systems merely by Illegally Crossing our Borders, or Over-Staying Visas. The Prize is being Legal Residents and  American Citizens. 

Just Ask Those Who Have Come Before...

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