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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Turns Out, Trump’s ‘EVIL’ ICE Raids BENEFITED American Workers

Editorial Board
Written by John Merline

Remember when Democrats reflexively accused President Donald Trump of being a racist when he said illegal immigrants steal American jobs? Turns out, he was right, as evidenced by the aftermath of the massive summer raid that rounded up hundreds of illegals working at chicken processing plants in Mississippi.

In early August, some 600 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents surrounded seven plants operated by five companies in six different cities. They rounded up 680 “undocumented” immigrants, in what was described as the largest raid in a single state.

This is part of a larger effort by Trump to target companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Last year, it raided a landscaping company near Toledo, Ohio, and a meatpacking plant in eastern Tennessee. A Government Accountability Office report issued in early December found that arrests, detentions, and removals were all up in Trump’s first two years in office compared with Obama’s last two.

Nevertheless, the reaction to the Mississippi raid from Democrats was swift and furious. Joe Biden said the raid was a sign that “Trump is morally unfit to lead this country.” Sen. Bernie Sanders called it “evil.” Beto O’Rourke – who dropped out of the race two months after the raid – said Trump’s “cruelty knows no bounds.” The media, naturally, lent Democrats a hand by playing up the disruption and crying children, while playing down the fact that those workers were in the country illegally.

In fact, the raid was the furthest thing from cruel or evil or immoral to American citizens living in the area – many of them black people – who flocked to get the jobs those illegals had held.

This week, the New York Times, to its credit, went to Morton, Mississippi – where a third of the illegals rounded up in those raids had worked – to see what’s become of the town months after Trump’s “evil” act.

And in a shocking display of honest reporting, the Times shows how American workers – particularly black people – benefited as a result.

The Times notes that before the raid, managers had been recruiting Hispanic workers “by the thousands” to work in those chicken plants because they were “cheaper and more exploitable.”

The Times story focuses on Juan Grant, a young black man two years out of high school who landed a job at the plant and boosted his wage by $4 an hour. He “strode into the Koch Foods chicken processing plant for his new job on a Wednesday morning, joining many other African Americans in a procession of rubber boots, hairnets, and last cigarettes before the grinds.”

It quotes Cortez McClinton, who got a job at the plant after the raids, which he said, “gave the American people their jobs back.”

The Times goes on to say that, despite the experience in Morton, “the belief that native-born Americans are not sufficiently motivated to work persists.”

To be sure, the Times sheds plenty of crocodile tears for the poor illegal immigrants affected by the raid, and it tries mightily to get the newly employed Americans to wring their hands about “stealing” those jobs.

But the inescapable conclusion is that the chicken companies had been exploiting cheap illegal immigrant labor to do jobs that Americans are clearly willing to take, if they have the chance.

Yet here we have the country’s leading Democrats – who constantly bleat about being on the side of the little guy and the downtrodden – siding with greedy companies that were exploiting illegal immigrants to fatten their bottom lines, and were doing so at the expense of low-income black people in the area who were shut out of those jobs.

Tell us again which is the party of compassion?


Beware the MISERABLE, REGRESSIVE, Leftist Government Central Planners

Scientist and author Matt Ridley is photographed during an interview on Friday, April 13, 2012, at St Pancreas Station in London. (Fiona Hanson/AP Images) **FILE**
Scientist and author Matt Ridley is photographed during an interview on Friday, April 13, 2012, at St Pancreas Station in London. (Fiona Hanson/AP Images) 

 Charles Hurt

BOCA GRANDE, Florida — Every generation has them: the snake-oil charlatans who stir their witches’ brew of lies and cats’ tales and shuffle their decks of grimy tarot cards portending your doom — your certain doom! — if you don’t pay them a handsome price for the antidote to cure you.
The world is about to end in a fiery hell of global warming, starvation, wicked poverty and social injustice, they insist.
Politicians in Washington are peddling all sorts of extravagant cures from fart mufflers for cows (until we can slaughter them all in a humane and environmentally friendly manner) to high-speed trains to Hawaii. Gurgle, gurgle.
And while we will have high-speed trains to Hawaii, don’t even think about using them to visit family for Thanksgiving because that would be a terrible waste of public resources. Just stay home and eat your tofu Thanksgiving turkey. Alone.
These people are miserable, regressive, leftist, government-first central planners. And they want everyone to be just as miserable as they are.
Interestingly, all of the cures these con artists insist upon would cost massive amounts of money paid (by you) into government coffers controlled entirely by them. Also, every single one of these solutions would give these very same charlatans vast new powers unrivaled in human history to control every aspect of your life.
In other words, hope you like bean sprouts and lentils, because that’s all they serve in the camps.
It is unclear if these solutions will actually make any of our lives longer or simply make all of our lives seem a lot longer. Either way, most common-sense Americans are not buying this nonsense.
Nor should they.
Just ask Matt Ridley, author of the book “The Rational Optimist.” Writing recently in the Spectator magazine, Mr. Ridley made a startling declaration — all the more startling if you are a regular consumer of American media, especially the political press.
“We’ve just had the best decade in human history. Seriously.” The magazine goes on to note that little of this good news made the press “because good news is no news.”
“We are living through the greatest improvement in human living standards in history,” Mr. Ridley writes. “Extreme poverty has fallen below 10 percent of the world’s population for the first time.” Down from 60 percent, he writes, in little more than a half century.
“Global inequality has been plunging as Africa and Asia experience faster economic growth than Europe and North America; child mortality has fallen to record low levels; famine virtually went extinct; malaria, polio and heart disease are all in decline.”
Well, there goes the social justice crusade.
Perhaps even more impressive are the advancements that allow all these better-off humans to accomplish more while consuming less — meaning that all these wild predictions about humans gobbling up the planet are a bit far-fetched.
As industry and ingenuity lead to greater energy efficiency, humans not only are capable of doing so much more, they also are managing to use less total energy. Similarly, humans are learning to produce more and more food on increasingly smaller and smaller plots of land.
By any sane reckoning, this is good news. Unless, of course, you just simply hate humans. Which is precisely where you get doomsday charlatans of every generation. They don’t see people are families or children. To them, everyone is just another stupid mark who needs to be separated from the silver in their pockets.
Of course, none of this would be possible without the confederacy of American universities, which have conspired to ensure a generation of gullible dupes — formerly known as “ignoramuses” — who go tens of thousands of dollars into personal debt to learn how to be more emotional.
Mr. Ridley predicts that the next decade will see even “less poverty, less child mortality, less land devoted to agriculture in the world. There will be more tigers, whales, forests and nature reserves.”
All the more better to build concentration camps for all those college graduates who don’t like tofu turkey or want to go home to spend Thanksgiving with mommy and daddy.

Top NYC DOE Official ARRESTED for Trying to Set Up SEX with UNDERAGE BOY

Top DOE official arrested for trying to set up sex with underage boy
David Hay. Twitter

Larry Celona and Selim Algar

A top deputy to city schools Chancellor Richard Carranza was busted in Wisconsin for allegedly trying to arrange sex with an underage boy online, police and sources told The Post.
Department of Education Deputy Chief of Staff David Hay was arrested getting off at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee Sunday on a charge of using a computer “to facilitate a child sex crime,” according to Neenah, Wisconsin, cops.
He allegedly intended to meet with a minor boy for sex, sources said.
Hay, who remained behind bars pending a bail hearing Monday, had been under investigation for several months, sources said.
Under Wisconsin law, the charge Hay was booked on is defined as someone who “uses a computerized communication system to communicate with an individual who the actor believes or has reason to believe has not attained the age of 16 years with intent to have sexual contact or sexual intercourse with the individual.”
The senior DOE administrator, who earns $168,000 annually, works with Carranza’s office on the DOE’s Equity and Excellence initiative, according to his LinkedIn page.
The Wisconsin native served as a principal in the Milwaukee area before being hired by the DOE as Special Assistant to the Chancellor in May 2016 under then-Chancellor Carmen Farina.
Carranza promoted him to serve as his deputy chief of staff in October 2018.
The Brooklyn resident now “leads a comprehensive organizational effectiveness and change management strategy for the New York City Department of Education,” according to his LinkedIn account. “He works with the Senior Leadership team to align the department’s work to the Chancellor’s vision of Equity and Excellence for All.”
He received his doctorate in education from Harvard University in 2017.
Hay was immediately fired after the arrest, a DOE spokesperson said Monday.
“These allegations are incredibly disturbing and absolutely unacceptable,” said Miranda Barbot. “We took immediate action removing Mr. Hay from payroll and are terminating him. We referred this to the Special Commissioner of Investigation and we will fully comply with any investigation.”
Barbot stressed that Hay did not work directly with children during his nearly four years with the DOE.
A Winnebago County District Attorney’s office staffer said Hay would likely have to wait until Thursday to see a judge because of the nature of his case and the New Year holiday.
“This is an ongoing investigation,” police said Monday.

Monday, December 30, 2019

WHO Is Going After American Jews?

Mugshot of Grafton Thomas, charged with attempted murder in Hanukkah party attack

Rod Dreher

I've been offline most of today (Sunday), and … that was a smart move. Going onto Twitter and seeing some left-wingers blaming Donald Trump for the anti-Semitic violence in the New York area is infuriating. Look what Seth Mandel found:
A scan of Twitter — I don’t recommend doing this — finds a shocking number of tweets by people, including left-wing Jews — blaming Donald Trump and white supremacy for the latest spate of anti-Semitic attacks in the US, which have been centered around New York, and focused particularly on Orthodox Jews, who are the most identifiable as Jews because of their distinct mode of dress. Batya Ungar-Sargon, the opinion editor of the Jewish newspaper The Forward, is fed up with this kind of thing. After citing numerous examples of the anti-Semitic assaults over the last two years, she writes:
Almost as horrifying as the attacks themselves is the seeming inability of those whose job it is to protect the vulnerable to figure out what is causing them, or how to stop it from happening over and over.
After the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Shabbat that killed 11 people last year, and another fatal shooting at a shul in Poway, California six months later, one often heard that the great threat to Jews – even the only threat – comes from white supremacy. Conventional wisdom said it was the political right, and the right’s avatar in the White House, that was to blame for the rising levels of hate against Jews.
But the majority of the perpetrators of the Brooklyn attacks, and the suspects in Jersey City — who were killed in a shootout with the police — and now Monsey, were not white, leaving many at a loss about how to explain it or even talk about it. There is little evidence that these attacks are ideologically motivated, at least in terms of the ideologies of hate we are most familiar with.
And therein lies the trouble with talking about the violent attacks against Orthodox Jews: At a time when ideology seems to rein supreme in the chattering and political classes, the return of pogroms to Jewish life on American soil transcends ideology. In the fight against anti-Semitism, you don’t get to easily blame your traditional enemies — which, in the age of Trump, is a non-starter for most people.
Of course, the rise in anti-Semitism is not incidental to the times we live in. While the Brooklyn attackers are, at least according to demographic trends, extremely unlikely to be Trump supporters, our president, who has a penchant for anti-Semitic tropes, is a conspiracy theorist, and anti-Semitism often manifests as a conspiracy theory about secretive Jewish power.
You can see here that she dances around the unspeakable truth. Interestingly, back in January, she wrote a column criticizing Jews for being too hard on black leaders over anti-Semitism. 
Seth J. Frantzman, writing in the Jerusalem Post, is more blunt. Excerpts:
Hatred of Jews spans the white supremacist far right and the black supremacist far right and milieus in between. The difference is that society condemns and confronts comments by the white supremacists. Even with white supremacists, after the Poway and Pittsburgh attacks, we did not delve deeply into the wider community of hate online. “We got our man,” in finding the perpetrator, and that was enough. When dealing with the wider world of antisemitism in the US, that crosses racial lines, it is more difficult to confront. In the US, since it is difficult to accept that minorities might also be racist, the elephant in the room of black antisemitism is not mentioned. Too often, African American officials make openly antisemitic statements without fear of reaction. A school board member attacked “brutes of the Jewish community” after the Jersey City attack.
[It] appears that there is a deep antisemitic milieu not dissimilar to the way white supremacist antisemitism spreads online and among communities, fueling hatred of Jews among other American minority groups, specifically some black Americans. This antisemitism has been around for decades, gaining strength in the 1990s as Jews began to be blamed for the slave trade.
This trend in black antisemitism isn’t entirely unknown. It is discussed here and there, usually with excuses. For instance The Forward ran an article claiming that while “White antisemites are motivated by a hatred of Jews and a desire  for power, black anti-Semites are motivated by anger over gentrification, police brutality and slavery.” The article claimed that Jews “like all white people, part of the racist system that keeps black people under the foot of society.” This is the way a Jewish newspaper explained hatred of Jews. It defined Jews as “white” and gave credence to the idea that antisemitism is motivated by “police brutality and slavery.” This is a window into a very real worldview that openly says Jews are behind police brutality and slavery and gentrification.  In New York the police have stepped up their presence after attacks, but even that has been condemned as sending too many police to a neighborhood of “people of color.” Now Jews will be blamed for the police presence too instead of someone struggling against the violent antisemitism and inter-racial marches of solidarity against it.
A review of the discussion about the New York City attacks reveals an America that has trouble adjusting to and describing antisemitism when it comes from unexpected perpetrators. This is partly because the general view of racism in the US is that racism is not just about racism but about power. That is why in the US people look for racism in “white privilege” and the way racist views can be perpetuated even through code words and social settings and institutions. Confronted with the idea that minority groups are also racist, such as Hispanics using the n-word, there is a struggle to come to grips with how to define and confront. With the Jewish community there has been an agenda to argue over its relative “whiteness” and insofar as Jews are then removed from the intersectional agenda of minority groups fighting white privilege, Jews become either a separate category or part of the oppressive majority. This is odd but it is part of a wider agenda to assert that Zionism is racism and Jews are somehow linked to far-right groups through Israel and Israel is a modern apartheid colonialist structure. These ideas didn’t inform the Jersey City killings, but they are part of the milieu that informs those who might excuse the attacks.
Jew hatred is a hideous problem coming from extremists on both the Left and the Right. But as usual with the American media, it can’t talk about acts of hatred that violate the basic left-wing narrative that holds whites and “whiteness” responsible. Here’s a bog-standard turdlet of idiocy by a widely-published freelancer:
The suggestion that the Jewish left is unconcerned with attacks on American Jews is grotesque. We’re trying to rid the country of our gravest threat—Republican lawmakers.
162 people are talking about this
Earlier this year, writing in The BulwarkCathy Young explored the undeniable fact that anti-Semitism finds a home on both the Left and the Right.  I don’t agree with everything she writes. To be specific, the case of George Soros is a difficult one, because though Soros certainly receives anti-Semitic criticism, there’s a lot of legitimate criticism of his activism that has nothing to do with his being Jewish, and that is labeled anti-Semitic as a way of delegitimizing the criticism. That said, she’s right here:
In both cases, there are plenty of people who point fingers only at the other side while using their camp’s Jewish-friendly position, whether it’s support for Israel or support for strong civil rights safeguards, as a shield. In both cases, the label should be used carefully to avoid crying wolf or stifling legitimate debate.
I feel pretty certain that we are
a) going to have a lot of public discussion about the rise in violent anti-Semitism in this country, and
b) very little of that discussion is going to be honest or useful.

Then again, we live in a culture in which stating the belief that to be a male or a female is at its core a matter of genetics is enough to get you fired or made a pariah. When getting to the truth of an issue requires having to violate the strictures of identity politics, you may be sure that the truth will remain safely obscured behind walls of cant and sentimentality.

The Most IRRITATING Person of 2019 is....

There has been no person in the year just passed that has caused more irritation to so many deserving people than...

Dennis Lund

We are now looking at 2019 in our rear view mirrors, since it is time for those irritating “The Best/Worst of the year” lists. This past year was full of irritations, on many levels, from the shallow and superficial, to the rarest of rare political actions taken by the most irritating Congress in history. Let’s start with some of the candidates:

Speaking of shallow and superficial, there is that previously little-known actor Jussie Smollett. His claim to fame was as a character in the FOX TV show “Empire.” Smollett, a gay black man, became a hero portraying, you guessed it: a gay black man. He became irritating by falsely accusing MAGA hat-wearing white supremacists of mugging him. It was all proved to be a lie as the story gained more steam than an all-male bathhouse. But shallow and superficial does not rate high on this list and Smollett, like a lanced boil, has mostly disappeared from the scene.

A second candidate, who we all wish would disappear from the scene, is the most irritating thing to come out of Scandinavia since Ragnar Lothbrok: Greta Thunberg. This young Swede rose to fame despite her boorish appearances at numerous gatherings of global warming alarmists. The best word to sum up this child is, well; irritating. From her high degree of angst, to her snarling delivery, to her hectoring catchphrase: how dare you!! Young globetrotting Greta has achieved a high level of fame that could only be attained (and financed) by strong backing from radical millionaire left-wing climate activists. Certainly Thunberg is on anybody’s short list as a high level source of irritation.

Since the list is wide open to irritating women, how could Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not make the list? (No, I am not going to call her AOC). If Hollywood wants to do an alternative version of Mr. Smith goes to Washington they could use her as a role model. They could call it: Ms. Alexi Goes to Moscow. But at least Jefferson Smith had the brains to make something of his opportunity, while Cortez is baffled by the functioning of garbage disposals. Hopefully Ms. Alexi will be a flash in the pan and thrown out next November by the embarrassed voters in her district.

Next in D.C., resembling Laurel and Hardy, we have two mismatched tinhorns named Adam Schiff and Gerald Nadler. But unlike the lovable Stan and Ollie, the Adam and Gerry show was, simply put, a source of constant irritation sans the comic relief. Adam had previously demonstrated himself to be void of facts, unable to support his allegations, or to hide from a camera. The conduction of his inquisition was reminiscent of the Grand Inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada. Yes, they did vote in his committee and The Eyes won.

Jerrold Nadler, who never met a conservative he liked or meal he didn’t, was brought in as comic relief after the failure of the Schiff Show in the catacombs of the capitol. Nadler’s goose was cooked when he brought in three “expert witnesses,” each of whom deserve at least an honorable mention.

But, Adam and Gerry were never doing anything more than responding to strings pulled by Nancy Pelosi. As such Adam and Gerry are removed from further consideration, only to be surpassed by megamillionairess: Nancy Pelosi. Certainly Congresswoman Pelosi’s moments in the spotlight were welcomed by her acolytes, while reviled by those possessing common sense, morals and respect for the Constitution.

Before naming the winner we need to define the qualifications. Clearly “irritating” can be seen from two levels: “Source of” and “Reactions to”. Those mentioned above all can be lumped into the category of being the source of irritation to millions of Americans. Those Americans would be the ‘Deplorable’ and bitter ones who ‘cling to guns or religion’ and in general are detested by the self-proclaimed superiors to we, the general rabble and unwashed masses of the hoi polloi.

The last three mentioned though are all commonly linked, due to their reaction to the real winner, who is undoubtedly the biggest cause of their combined irritation: President Donald Trump.

We have seen in the past year an unparalleled visceral reaction to President Trump. This reaction could be seen from day one in ‘the screamer,’ a clip worth a repeated viewing simply for the schadenfreude of the moment. But the irritation, caused by the Trump Presidency, led to the lies of ‘Russian Collusion,’ the failures of the ‘Mueller Report” and the Adam and Gerry show. It has now culminated in a vote favoring impeachment, now sitting on Pelosi’s desk waiting for her to “react now or be derelict in our duty.”

As irritating as all of the above have been, Donald Trump excels in the “reaction to” factor. Yet it is in part the reactive irritation of those infected with TDS that serves to unite the 63 million of us that voted for him. To those irritated by the President, nothing will sooth their pain. Not the lowest unemployment in decades, not the return of the manufacturing jobs we were told would never return, not the continued rise in the Dow, the S&P, and the Nasdaq and not the increase in tax revenue generated, as promised, from the tax cuts.

The only thing that will end their pain is the elimination of the Trump Presidency. The powers that be in D.C. fear it will not happen in November, thus they resort to the shenanigans and illegal actions now undertaken, in doing so they are unwittingly further uniting, while simultaneously creating, Trump supporters.

Given the above, there has been no person in the year just passed that has caused more irritation to so many deserving people than Donald Trump. And for that I thank him, while also looking forward to four more years.


Sunday, December 29, 2019

How LIBERALS are Allowing ANTI-SEMITISM to Flourish

A Hasidic man walks past an NYPD patrol car in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A Hasidic man walks past an NYPD patrol car in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Corbis via Getty Images

Karol Markowicz

Anti-Semitic attacks continue to shake our city and state. Last week, eight attacks — including four in just in 48 hours — sent a familiar shockwave rippling through the Jewish community. Then Saturday came the horrific stabbing in Monsey, New York. The poison of Jew-hatred is spreading.
Like many of you, I’m thinking, “Not this subject again.” How many columns can be devoted to it? I’ve read them. I’ve written them. It’s exhausting, and it’s dreary. Jews are being beaten up, anti-Semitism flows some years and ebbs in others. So what?
But it matters — gravely.
Mayor de Blasio released his usual by-the-numbers statement. “Hate doesn’t have a home in our city,” he tweeted. But hate does have a home here, and it has found it while Hizzoner has mostly looked away.
The mayor added: “In light of recent anti-Semitic attacks, the NYPD will increase their presence in Borough Park, Crown Heights and Williamsburg.” But the recent attacks have spread to Midtown Manhattan and Gravesend, Brooklyn. The problem has gotten worse while inaction paralyzed the mayor.
first wrote about the uptick in May. The reason the city’s liberal political class was ignoring it, I ­argued, is that the criminals don’t fit their picture of Evil Bigots. They aren’t, for the most part, MAGA-hat wearing white guys with tiki torches. In fact, many of the attackers are people of color, as investigative reporting by Tablet’s Armin Rosen and others has shown.
Imagine if they were white ­nationalists. How much faster would the mayor and other city leaders have taken action?
“A lot of folks were told it was unacceptable to be anti-Semitic,” de Blasio said in May. “It was ­unacceptable to be racist, and now they’re getting more permission.” The message was subtle but unmistakable: De Blasio was trying to pin the attacks in bright-blue New York on President Trump.
Hizzoner didn’t surrender the fantasy for some time. In June, he said: “I want to be very, very clear, the violent threat, the threat that is ideological, is very much from the right.”
He left unclear how the Big ­Apple had come to be populated by ideological far-right types beating up on Jews. His comments ­underscored his inability to truly counter the type of street-level ­anti-Semitism spreading through the city.
Will he face the facts now? Or will Jews need to actually die, not just be pummeled, for our leaders to grasp the threat?
“Anti-Semitism is an attack on the values of our city — and we will confront it head-on,”
De Blasio tweeted after this latest round of violence against Jews. He has to stop beating around the bush. These attacks aren’t an ­attack on “our values.” They’re attacks on visibly Jewish people.
De Blasio needs to stop trying to find a “them” to be the opposite of his “us.” His juvenile obsession with having the right adversaries allows anti-Semitism to flourish.
I used to write about Europeans and their apathetic attitudes ­toward the Jew-hatred around them. Synagogues torched, Jews beaten — just another day on the Continent.
But now the demon is here, in America. Worse, it’s stalking Jews with increasing regularity in New York City, my city, home to the largest Jewish population outside Israel. Hizzoner’s vague universalist rhetoric obscures this raw reality.
And it isn’t just his ideological blinders. The mayor has also helped create an anti-police ­atmosphere, in which the vigilant presence of officers is considered a bad thing. At an anti-police rally last month, there were signs calling for violence against the NYPD.
De Blasio’s response? He insinuated that the idea that there’s anti-police sentiment in our city is, yes, another right-wing plot.
In 2020 I don’t want to read ­another column like this one. All Jews want is to live our lives in safety. To ensure that, the mayor will have to stop using the violence against us to fight his invisible political foes.
De Blasio’s ideology has led to apathy, which, in turn, has resulted in injured Jews in our city. It’s time for his administration to take serious action, starting by flooding hot-spot neighborhoods with ­police officers empowered to act.
In May, I wrote: “The attacks, and the silence of progressive New York, are utterly appalling.” In ­December, it’s more than appalling. It’s complicit.

NO BAIL For HATE In New York! Immediate Release!

New York Has NOW Become The CITY of HATE! De Blasio Is Slowly Turning Our City Into a 3rd World Nightmare! Instead of Making Sure our Children are Properly Educated to Compete, Housing the Homeless, Our Mayor is on A Fool's Errand to Drive the Middle Class Out of the City. More Crime and Dysfunction is the Democrat Policy for Destruction of New York. His model for success is Baltimore, Detroit, LA, and SanFran.

 Tiffany Harris
Tiffany Harris was released on Saturday after punching and cursing at three Orthodox women on Friday.
Rashid Umar Abbasi

Israel Salas-RodriguezKhristina Narizhnaya and Laura Italiano

Suspects arrested in last week’s spree of eight anti-Semitic attacks are being quickly released right back into the neighborhoods they terrorized thanks to “bail reform” legislation — which doesn’t even take effect until Jan. 1.
The most recent case of revolving-door justice came Saturday morning, with the release, with no bail, of a woman charged with punching and cursing at three Orthodox women, ages 22, 26 and 31, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at dawn the day before.
The accused assailant, Tiffany Harris, was hauled in handcuffs before a Brooklyn judge on 21 menacing, harassment and attempted assault charges.
“F-U, Jews!” Harris, 30, of Flatbush, allegedly shouted during the attack.
“Yes, I was there,” Harris later admitted to cops, according to the criminal complaint against her.
“Yes, I slapped them. I cursed them out. I said ‘F-U, Jews.”
As she stood before a judge in Brooklyn Criminal Court with the hood to a navy blue jacket over her head, Harris was in familiar territory.
She still has an open harassment and assault case on the Brooklyn docket from November 2018.
And last month, she was sentenced to no jail time for felony criminal mischief in Manhattan, court records show — a case for which she had repeatedly failed to make court appearances.
Brooklyn prosecutors didn’t even bother requesting bail Saturday, as they could have, given that the reform law, approved in April, technically doesn’t take effect until Jan. 1.
“The de Blasio administration has made it clear that we all need to get into compliance with bail reform now,” said a law enforcement source.
“If prosecutors had asked for bail, corrections would release them immediately,” or they would be sprung on Jan. 1, the source said.
But the de Blasio administration responded that the DOC does nothing without a court order and can’t decide to release anyone.
Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson even made mention of the coming bail reform legislation in ordering Harris freed.

Ayana Logan
Ayana Logan, the suspect in another recent anti-Semitic attack.Kevin C. Downs For The New York Post

“So I’m releasing her on consent and also because it will be required under the statute in just a few days,” the judge said.
“Ms. Harris you’re being released on your own recognizance.”
She was issued an order of protection barring contact with the three victims — and a court date of Jan. 10.
Harris broke into a grin when approached by a reporter. “Why do you want to know?” she said. ”Goodbye.”
The legislation requires arraignment judges to set free suspects in any non-sexual assault that doesn’t actually cause a physical injury, even in cases of hate crime attacks.
“If there is an injury, then bail could be requested, because then it would be considered a violent felony,” explained Insha Rahman, who, as director of strategy and new initiatives at the Vera Institute of Justice, worked closely with legislators and the governor’s office in drafting the controversial reforms.
The no-injury loophole will mean a quick get-out-of-jail-free card for all but one of the accused attackers in the eight Hanukkah-timed, anti-Semitic bias crimes that have terrified the city’s Orthodox communities.
“You have to beat the hell out of somebody — or murder them — for there to be any consequences,” said former state lawmaker Dov Hikind, founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism. “Otherwise, you are set free.”
He continued: “It’s open season in New York — open season on innocent people. On Jews, on Muslims, on gay people. It applies to anybody. But it’s the Jewish people in particular who have been targeted.”
Only one of last week’s eight attacks resulted in an actual physical injury — that of a 65-year-old Jewish man who was punched and kicked on Monday morning at East 41st Street and Third Avenue in Manhattan.
“F–k you, Jew bastard!” the petrified victim told cops his assailant shouted.
The suspect in that crime, Steven Jorge, 28, is indeed alleged to have injured his victim, and so was ordered locked up with no bail pending a psychological examination.
Jorge, though, is the exception.
On Friday night, a suspect in another of the hate attacks was similarly sprung with no bail, though in her case she was at least ordered to attend twice-monthly mental health appointments.
“You f—king Jew, the end is coming for you!” that suspect, Ayana Logan, 43, allegedly shouted as she swung a handbag at a 34-year-old Orthodox mom in Gravesend.
The mother had been holding the hand of her 3-year-old son when the unprovoked attack happened, according to the criminal court complaint against Logan.
By Saturday night, Logan, Harris, and Jorge remained the only suspects apprehended in the hate spree. The assailants in the remaining five attacks remain at large.
Rahman and other reformers argue that the vast majority of suspects in minor assaults are quickly released anyway — and that the new bail reform lets judges set conditions for release that can address the underlying mental health issues.
“That can be mental health counseling, a stay-away order, which wasn’t readily available before, as conditions for release,” said Rahman.
Suspects are getting none of that during their pretrial stays in city jails, Rahman noted.
“Money bail, and keeping someone temporarily detained with no care, doesn’t address at all the long term concerns” of community safety and the well-being of suspects, she said.
But in the city’s Orthodox neighborhoods, there was outrage in learning that even when violent bigots are caught, they’ll be immediately released.
“They were released on no bail?” a 32-year-old Orthodox man asked a Post reporter near where the three women were attacked. “Disgusting.”
Steve Benjamin, 30, of Borough Park, said, “We’re scared to walk at night in the street.
“There is a lot of hate here and I don’t know why. People in the community are scared. It’s very dangerous. It’s just like remembering the days before World War II. I don’t let my kids out alone.
“It should be more justice — they arrest them, but they let them out of jail a day later.”