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Sunday, March 17, 2019

MEMO: Children PROTESTING Political Issues?

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Climate change protesters are pictured outside City Hall in Manhattan on Friday.  Photo Barry Williams 

theodore M I R A L D I.

On my way home from work Friday, again I heard Protesters Chanting some inane slogan meant to change the world. I've seen just about every issue play out on the streets of New York.

This last episode was a little more disturbing than most. As I walked past Foley Square, I was suddenly surrounded by Kids from Grammar school on up. Hundreds of children chanting. If I had closed my eyes, it may very well have been angry adults in Venezuela.

So here we are once more, adults using children to promote social issues that the adults can't fix...Being a person of reference what came to mind were the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany indoctrinating children and marching them around in the streets terrorizing its citizens. Mao's Red Guard served the same purpose during China's Cultural Revolution.

We are entering a dangerous phase in American History when we need our school children to promote political agendas. I always thought that was the job the adults were responsible for.

Apparently not. When I ask an adolescent in the crowd what he was protesting, he responded. 'I have no idea, something about weather.' The younger ones looked bewildered, or just being kids, giggling and jumping about in line.

I approached one of the chaperones and asked why are these children marching to City Hall yelling Slogans, and I was told, 'It's There Future, they should be marching against Climate Change.'

So let me get this straight, in a city that less than 50% of the children graduate High School and the majority are below proficiency levels in Reading, Writing and Math, the faculty felt it would be to their advantage to march against something that the adults can't agree about instead of hitting the books. Wonder why the kids are failing basic skills? They are easily led over a cliff. Thay have no knowledge of Civics, American History, or Failed Systems. 

I approached another supporting onlooker and said, 'I feel this is child abuse' with that a barrage of curses, AH--e and Sc--B--were aimed at me. I felt the Hate in her Words and Body Contortions as she scurried away.

So there you have it, the Kids being forced to act like Adults, and the Adults acting more like Kids...

Is that the Leadership our Nation Needs?

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