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Sunday, March 24, 2019

MEMO: Democrats Get SLAPPED DOWN by Mueller Report

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theodore miraldi

This is somewhat anti-climatic for anyone following the bouncing ball. The Russian Probe was an attempt at a Political Coup of an Elected President of the United States. Let this be a warning to all of the Sheep who bought into all the Lies and Diversions by a party of Officials with No Honor!

They cared not about The Law, The Constitution or the Negative Effects this type of behavior has had on the American Public. They let the Nation Down by being Untruthful in their Lust for Power. All can plainly see where the Democrats are looking to take us, they want to transform our Nation into a Socialist Failure.

This is a Great Day for Our Nation. In the end, after all of the Hatred spewed, our Institutions are Well and in Good Hands Once More. The Rule of Law is what has guided us through these terrible times.

Let's join together, once and for all, and Fulfill our Destiny! 

The Democrats have Lost Once More.

They will not go silently into the night...

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