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Sunday, June 30, 2019

CONGRESS, House of Horrors

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theodore  miraldi

There's Evil Brewing in the Halls of Congress. And our Founding Fathers knew it would come!

As the American Public opened its arms to the world in obedience to its Christian/Judea founding principles, the world still hasn't opened its arms to us. Rather the opposite. What well minded people have done, is let the Wolves in the Chicken Coop. The abstract notion that the entire world can live in Peace is ludicrous and dis-proven time and time again. Maybe after some cataclysmic event of spiritual significance, or ET has landed, man will continue to have a Good and Evil nature.

So as everyday Americans went about their daily lives, raising children, working hard to make a better life, the well meaning, misguided Social Warriors have put our nation at Mortal Risk. First in War torn regions of the globe with humanitarian aid, then as open border advocates who care more about the optics, then process, and consequences.

And so, the results speak for themselves. 

More than One Million Illegals Adjudicated to be Deported are still living in our country, stealing jobs using forged identities or worse ... stolen. Many of whom collect Federal and Public Welfare, and yes Social Security. Many also receive Tax Refunds from the IRS. The same IRS that has been putting their finger on you!

It would seem the only ones afraid of the IRS are Americans, Not Illegals.

Immigration is only one problem eroding our nations' foundation. A nation built on organized migration from around the world has purposely become chaotic because some in Congress refuse to do their jobs. I call these people, the 3rd World Thinkers and some are American Citizens. Unfortunately one doesn't have to be a citizen to run for office in the House, and this may be the fatal flaw that destroys the process. Citizens who embrace the delusions of failed Culture and Societies.

When in history has a less integrated social class moved an entire nation to greatness...never.

I've written for years that the underbelly of underachievers would through the voice of victimization, gain control of areas populated with the like minded. The complainers, who left to their own devices continually empty the piggy-bank and vanquish whole areas of population. The similarity of the places is uncanny. Large, Non-English speaking Immigrants overwhelming citizens with demands and rhetoric bordering on violence. Clusters of poor minorities doing an anti-social creep as we stand by afraid to demand changes. Never in the history of our nation has so many thought Socialism is attractive.

As the fabric of the nation, descendants of recent and past Immigrants watch their dreams go up in flames with the constant surge of Illegals destroying the Liberty and Peace, some have worked for all of their lives.

Sorry to say, a vast amount of today's Immigrants are here for reasons not cogent to a story of assimilation, but Government Benefits, Free Housing, Food Stamps and yes, Healthcare. There are more Immigrants on Social Welfare than ever before.

So ask yourself, What are many in the House of Representatives doing to insure your safety and future? An honest answer would be...Nothing. As hundreds of thousands of people try to penetrate
our borders through loopholes in the laws that Congress wrote, they sit by and watch our nation being over-run by mobs of mostly young men from Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador and Mexico.

Recent crossings have included people from Africa, China and the Middle East as well. None of the people can be vetted, and thousands are entering our communities with Diseases wiped out in North America for decades.

What is Congress Doing?

Passing laws for Transgenders, Sanctuary Cities, and now Reparations, while nothing is being done about Infra-Structure, and Immigration is criminal. The nation is still trying to unravel the Obama Doctrine to overwhelm government systems and bring the nation to its knees. With the addition of 40 new Democrats in Congress, some of which only work for constituents of their own Ethnicity have literally demanded Socialists and Racially Centered policies.

I for one am tired of seeing Hispanic Congressmen and Congresswomen only care for other Hispanic
issues, whether their constituents are Citizens, or Illegals Crossing the Border. There is a cancer of Ethno-Centric behaviors never before tolerated . These behaviors are prevalent in less socialized societies. Multiculturalism barely works when populations have assimilated. Some Cultures refuse to be Americanized.

I am also tired of African/Americans complaining and voicing opinions so off mainstream cultural norms that no amount of regression of community standards ever satisfies those in office.  Some Black Leaders getting rich on the Public Dole while their communities suffer. It's all Sex, Violence and Drugs all the time. Although I know it's untrue, it appears these are the driving forces of some communities. Generations of stagnant young on every Socio-Economic scale.

Now mind you there are millions in these communities that want the same things we all want and work hard to achieve ... Personal Success. I live in an Immigrant community alongside African/Americans, Hispanics and Moslims from both the Middle East and Africa. They are my neighbors whom I have the utmost respect, many of whom are my friends. Most of them shake their heads in disbelief about what's happening in Congress. Are the Democrats now Foreign agents hell bend on destruction?

What many voice is that America is Evil and Dysfunctional. Congress is suppose to support the Common Citizen, not make us all Common.

Why aren't our Representatives, Representing us?

ACOSTA: An Embarrassment to Village IDIOTS

In this Nov. 14, 2018, photo, CNN's Jim Acosta walks into federal court in Washington. The CNN Chief White House Correspondent, who has frequently clashed with President Donald Trump and other officials, has a book coming out June 11. He’s calling it “The Enemy of the People,” Trump’s inflammatory insult for the cable network and others whose reporting displeases him. HarperCollins Publishers told The Associated Press on Thursday, Jan. 24 2019, that Acosta would describe the “near-constant conflict” in covering Trump and offer portraits of Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta) **FILE**

Charles Hurt

OSAKA, Japan — At a time when the American political press could not possibly do any more to embarrass themselves, CNN’s Jim Acosta strikes again. This time overseas after President Trump spent the weekend meeting with the world’s most powerful leaders.
“Do you agree,” Acosta slithered, “that it is despicable for a government to kill a journalist?”
Who gave this idiot a microphone? Who gave him a press badge? Who would give this nut a minute of airtime?
CNN, apparently. The once-vaunted international television network was once known for its brave reporters who covered wars under falling bombs from inside the war zone. Once known for its fearless correspondents who went behind enemy lines to shine a bright light on evil dictators. Once known for its serious reporters who brought attention to atrocities and famine in the farthest corners of the world.
Now, Jim Acosta.
Preening before cameras like a crippled peacock who doesn’t know his plumage has all fallen out. The only feathers left are soggy, wet and dull.
Yet on he preens and struts and clucks — a sad display and an embarrassment to all the other birds.
Acosta gets a shot at asking the leader of the free world a question. An opportunity like that is a responsibility for any real reporter. A chance to give voice to the millions and millions of Americans who will never get a shot at asking a president a question. An opportunity to shed light on some hidden injustice. An opportunity to inform and improve our body politic.
And this ridiculous bozo Acosta asks the president if he is opposed to a part-time newspaper columnist being murdered and brutally dismembered with a bone saw. Seriously?
He asked this in front of a roomful of reporters from around the world. What must those people think of America? The seriousness of our press? What a joke.
But Acosta was LIVE! At 2:30 in the morning back home! At a time of day when Public Access television is beating CNN in most markets. Oh, but the glamor of the camera!
One might be tempted to say Jim Acosta is an embarrassment to his profession, but there is nothing professional about the guy. He is an embarrassment to village idiots.
CNN should strip him of his press credentials. He should be forced to file as a registered lobbyist for the Democrat National Committee or whatever committee handles this virulent strain of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Someone needs to change his diaper and shove a pacifier in his suckling lips.
Responding to this unserious nitwit, President Trump answered the way a parent answers a crybaby having a temper tantrum.
“Yes, I do. I think it’s horrible,” Mr. Trump replied flatly.
Mr. Trump has witnessed enough drama and theatrics from Jim Acosta to know what he is in for whenever Acosta gets a question. Yet the president calls on him anyway.
So much for this whole crazy lie that Mr. Trump wants to shut down the media. He doesn’t even shut down the fake media, the true Enemy of the People. Not only that, he calls on them!
Like James Madison and Thomas Jefferson before him, President Trump understands that freedom can be messy. And it is best to let ludicrous loudmouths like Jim Acosta have their say like the raving lunatic caterwauling on the street corner. Best to just let the nut vent.
And then serious people can all get on with the serious work at hand. As Jim Acosta smears his pureed peas and carrots baby food all over the tray of his high chair and then smiles in greasy satisfaction as he passes gas into his fetid diaper and hiccups.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Dems a 'Completely RADICALIZED' Party Run by 'Kingpins of HATE,' Says Limbaugh

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.., speaks to former vice president Joe Biden during a break in the Democratic primary debate hosted by NBC News at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Thursday, June 27, 2019, in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.., speaks to former vice president Joe Biden during a break in the Democratic primary debate hosted by NBC News at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Thursday, June 27, 2019, in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

 Douglas Ernst 

Radio host Rush Limbaugh says the modern Democratic Party is nothing like it was 20 years ago and has turned into the nation’s largest de facto “hate group.”
The man behind “the golden EIB microphone” reacted to this week’s primary debates for 2020 hopefuls by warning his audience: American is “one election” away from “tyranny taking over this country.”
“They are the biggest hate group in the country right now — and there’s no contest,” Mr. Limbaugh saidFriday. “They are the kingpins of hate in the American political system. They are the biggest threat to civil liberties. They are the biggest threat to freedom of speech. They are the biggest threat to the Second Amendment. They are the biggest threat to the innocence of unborn life. They are the biggest threat to anybody who is not one of them. They are the biggest threat to prosperity. They represent the biggest threat to private property. They represent the biggest threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that exists in this country today. The Democrat Party is that. That is what they have become.”
Mr. Limbaugh’s comments came in the wake of two debates in Miami, which were needed to host 20 individuals vying for the party’s nomination.
Candidates jousted over race relations, climate change, the possible abolition of private health insurance, and medical care for illegal immigrants.
“[Americans] will pay more in taxes but less in healthcare for what they get,” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Friday of his plan for government-run health care.
Mr. Limbaugh said that rhetoric on a host of issues suggests a fundamental misunderstanding on Democrats’ part regarding principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and codified into law by the U.S. Constitution. 
“This party has now been completely radicalized and it’s made up of people — from the oldest to the youngest — who really believe the country was ill-founded,” he continued. “The founding of America is one of the worst things for blacks; it was one of the worst things for women; it was one of the worst things for gays. … It’s what they think. The founding of America was the beginning of discrimination, sexism, bigotry, homophobia. Actually, the arrival of white Europeans to the New World and corrupting the Indians was when that all began, and then America got founded on those principles.”
“I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to get laughs,” Mr. Limbaugh said. “I’m trying to impress that they really do believe that the country is immoral from its very beginnings, despite the fact that all these grievances they hold have been addressed and they have been fixed primarily because the Constitution was written in a way open enough to allow for these remedial processes to take place. There is no slavery, for example. Women have the vote. The Constitution was a brilliant document.”

CA Legislators BLAME Religious People For High LGBT SUICIDE Rates

There is no reputable, serious research showing people commit suicide because a particular religion refuses to embrace homosexuality. None.

CA Legislators Blame Religious People For High LGBT Suicide Rates

Glenn T. Stanton

Legislators in California have discovered yet another way to make it clear that mainstream religions holding to the sexual teachings of their sacred texts have no business doing so in the Golden State. Why? Because these faiths, which billions of good people worldwide happily hold, do not embrace homosexuality. This includes the three largest: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.
In a resolution that recently passed the state assembly, “the Legislature calls upon all Californians to embrace the individual and social benefits of family and community acceptance” of LGBT people. It singles out especially faith-motivated individuals and organizations.
These legislators make a very ugly accusation against such people. California lawmakers are planning to spread the idea, with the power and moral authority of the state, that such religious beliefs actually kill people, including children. The text of this bill boldly states:
WHEREAS, The stigma associated with being LGBT often created by groups in society, including therapists and religious groups, has caused disproportionately high rates of suicide, attempted suicide, depression, rejection, and isolation amongst LGBT and questioning individuals…
Note the absoluteness of their conclusions, particularly two words: create and cause. Stigma, created by religious groups, causes high rates of suicide.

Do Religious People Make Others Commit Suicide?

Let it sink in. Christians, Muslims, and Jews, your beliefs make gay people kill themselves. If this is indeed true, we are among the worst of the worst kinds of people. These legislators believe this is true and are doing something about it. California is trying to insist that churches, synagogues and mosques, their leaders, congregants, grade schools, universities, and families fully and uncritically support homosexual, bisexual, and transgender identities in every way.
Thus, any teaching, preaching, writings or practices that are faithful to the clear sexual instructions of these faiths will be beyond the pale of official California values. They will not be tolerated. This charge makes this legislation overwhelmingly serious and consequential because of the seriousness of this charge. Either one party is directly culpable for deaths or the other of making such a dreadful allegation.
To be clear, what they’re proposing is a resolution and would not have the razor-sharp edge of law. But it would have the real and devastating blunt force of state-sanctioned shaming of religious convictions. They couldn’t criminalize you, but they could obliterate your reputation and your life. There are too many vivid examples of this already. Of course, this resolution will grease the skids for it becoming enforceable law.
I want to demonstrate, through some objective and undeniable facts, coupled with simple reasoning, why this long-used accusation has no foundation. The case consists of three basic points:
  • There is simply no dependable research support for the accusation. None.
  • Gay and lesbian individuals themselves report being significantly more likely to choose to attend the very churches that teach a more traditional sexual ethic than they do so-called “welcoming and affirming” churches.
  • The most dramatically gay-friendly places in the world still have incredibly and disproportionately high rates of suicides among their gay and lesbian individuals.

1. No Real Evidence

There is no reputable, serious research showing people commit suicide because a particular religion refuses to embrace homosexuality. None. It is largely created as an ideological assumption and political cudgel. But to even question the assertion will cast you immediately as a heartless stone. Remember, any science that does not permit it to be questioned has become fundamentalist dogmatism.
There is a very small amount of literature on the general harms of family rejection (which we at Focus on the Family strongly advise against), but none showing it causessuicide. There is certainly none establishing religious causation. That is an objective fact. Quite simply, anyone making the claim family responses and religious teaching cause suicide do so absent any bit of scientific proof.

2. LGBT People Choose More Traditional Churches

Let’s look at data that raise serious questions about the “religion kills” assertion. Research done by two gay-friendly scholars from Columbia and the University of California at Los Angeles found that, to their absolute disbelief, church-attending, same-sex-attracted individuals are 2.5 times more likely to attend congregations that hold and teach a more traditional, biblical view of sexuality than they are to attend so-called welcoming and affirming churches.

Let’s consider the implications of this interesting finding. Suppose for a moment that the “religion kills” accusation is correct. Either these individuals are too dull to realize they are doing grave harm to themselves by regularly attending such churches, or they find such churches are quite lovely and helpful. Why else would they choose to wake up early on a Sunday morning and go to the trouble of getting themselves there?
This study’s abstract states, “Guided by minority stress theory, the authors hypothesized that exposure to non-affirming religious settings would lead to higher internalized homophobia, more depressive symptoms, and less psychological well-being.” They were honest in admitting they found “There was no main effect of non-affirming religion on mental health, an unexpected finding discussed in this article.” No main effect on mental health itself, much less suicide.

3. Gay-Affirming Societies Also Have High Suicide Rates

Leading gay activists and their faithful allies in the media and academia operate on a simple and seemingly reasonable premise: non-acceptance of homosexuality leads to greater levels of suicide. To reduce these tragic rates, replace non-acceptance with full affirmation and all will be well. Doing so would not only dramatically reduce suicide, but also the disproportionately higher levels of mental illness among this population, which are strongly and consistently documented. (See herehere and here for just three strong examples.)
This thesis is easy to test: Determine the most gay-affirming places in the world. Are the suicide rates of gay and lesbian individuals in these places significantly lower than in non-affirming countries?
The most gay-affirming places on the planet are the Netherlands and Scandinavia. In Amsterdam, the gay movement has received every major law, policy, or cultural accommodation they’ve requested, with nearly no opposition, and often with great celebration. They televise their annual gay pride parade, and Amsterdam spends more than a million euros a year to promote itself as “The Gay Capital of the World.” The land of windmills and tulips is gay Valhalla.
Their gay and lesbian suicide rates should be extremely low, if non-existent, right?  That is not what scholars, government officials, and clinicians find. Rates of suicide and suicidal ideation among gay youth and adults are remarkably, tragically high in the Netherlands. Scholars even have a name for this. They call it the “Dutch Paradox.”
Despite the Netherlands’ reputation as a world leader with respect to gay rights, homosexual Dutch men have much higher rates of mood disorders, anxiety disorders and suicide attempts than heterosexual Dutch men. Epidemiologists report similar disparitieselsewhere in Western Europe and North America. [Emphasis mine.]
Let’s look at just a few examples of evidence. A 2006 Dutch study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior reported that despite living “in a country with a comparatively tolerant climate regarding homosexuality” gay and lesbian-identified people were at dramatically higher risk for suicidality than the general Dutch population.
More recently, a 2016 Swedish study shows that the rate of gay males suffering from lifetime suicidal ideation there is 140 percent greater. The same measure for women there is 110 percent higher than the general population. Bisexuals are curiously even higher, with females 250 percent more likely and bisexual men 160 percent.
In France, fourth on the world’s gay-friendly list, gays and lesbians are on average 80 percent more likely to suffer suicidal ideation than their straight peers. All countries that keep such data show similar findings, regardless of changes in attitudes and policies concerning LGB-identified individuals.

Do Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Affect Rates?

With greater specificity, a 2016 study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology examined how legalizing gay-marriage affected suicidality. It should have reduced it, right? Yet Swedes in same-sex marriages, enjoying their anticipated greater social acceptance and security, retained suicide rates nearly three times that of their married opposite-sex peers. The authors caution these numbers are likely an underestimation. A similar study found that Danish men in legal same-sex unions had a dramatic eightfold increase in suicide deaths over opposite-sex married peers.
The fact of the matter is this: There is no research whatsoever demonstrating significantly reduced rates of suicidal deaths or attempts among gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered people as the overall acceptance or affirmation of these groups in a country increases. Any honest person who knows this literature well will admit it.
Thus, this is the conclusion that must be admitted: If the “acceptance of homosexuality equals reduction of suicide” thesis has any validity to it, a society would need to far exceed the acceptance, affirmation, and even celebratory actions of the Netherlands and other countries to demonstrate it. Of course, this is reasonably impossible. What is there left to do that these countries are not already doing?
Reasonable people, even those in the gay rights movement, must call for a sharp end to the absolutely vile and false accusation that certain mainstream religious traditions are culpable for the deaths of gay and lesbian people. The Bible Belt does not run through Amsterdam, Stockholm, or Copenhagen.
We must admit that something else is driving the tragically high suicide rates of our gay and lesbian neighbors, and it’s not traditional faith convictions. True compassion demands we find out what that cause is; these lives are too valuable to play baseless politics with.

The Party of ILLEGAL Immigration

From left: South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Sen, Kamala Harris before the start of the second night of the Democratic presidential debate in Miami, Fla.,
 June 27, 2019. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)


There didn’t seem much room for Democrats to move left on immigration, but they’ve found it.
On the first night of the Democratic debates, Julian Castro made a big issue of his call to repeal Section 1325 of Title 8 of the United States Code, which says it’s a federal crime to enter the country without authorization. This felt like a ploy for attention from the periphery of the second-tier debate stage, yet last night seven out of the ten candidates raised their hands for the idea, including top contenders Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg.
The collective posture of the party is getting closer and closer to open borders, only without embracing the label.
Illegal immigrants aren’t typically prosecuted under Section 1325, although the Bush administration started a program called “Operation Streamline” to increase prosecutions, hoping to discourage would-be crossers and especially to create a deterrent against illegal reentry (illegal entry is a misdemeanor often punished by time served, whereas illegal reentry is a felony). Such prosecutions were a key element of Trump’s family-separation policy that had to be quickly abandoned.
The repeal of Section 1325 would send a message of permissiveness that would create another incentive for migrants to come across the border, and remove a tool for going after coyotes (it can be difficult to prove their offense, so prosecuting them for illegal entry is a backstop). Section 1325 has been on the books for 90 years, and it reflects the commonsense view that entering the United States without lawful permission should be a crime. Yes, it’d still be a civil offense to be present in the United States without papers, and in theory, still possible to be deported — although this brings us to the rest of the Democratic approach to immigration.
Asked if an illegal immigrant in the interior of the country who hasn’t committed another crime should be deported, Joe Biden replied that such a person “should not be the focus of deportation.” Kamala Harris said he “absolutely” should not be deported, and Representative Eric Swalwell said “that person can be part of this great American experience.” This is a promise to gut interior enforcement that, coupled with the latitudinarian attitude at the border, would be a huge step toward open borders.
If there were any doubt that Democrats want to welcome illegal immigrants and treat them like U.S. citizens, seeing every single candidate on the stage last night promising to provide government health insurance to illegal immigrants removes it. This, obviously, would be even more of a magnet to illegal immigration, and would erode the difference between U.S. citizens and people who literally showed up the day before yesterday in violation of our laws. Besides, the U.S. government is under enough fiscal strain providing promised benefits to citizens and legal residents without, in effect, extending the safety net to some percentage of the population of Northern Triangle countries.
The Democrats’ radicalism on immigration is certainly a political mistake that will give President Trump ready fodder next year. We’d say it’s impossible for Democrats to get any further out on this limb, but the next round of debates is only a month away.
THE EDITORS comprise the senior editorial staff of the National Review magazine and website.


Illustration on the sanctity of unborn human life by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times
Illustration on the sanctity of unborn human life by Alexander Hunter

Scott Walker


Our son Matthew turns 25 on Sunday. He is our gift from God.
Literally. The name Matthew ultimately comes from the Hebrew name Mattityahu — which means a gift of Yahweh.
Tonette and I chose the name Matthew purposely as he is our first born. You see, my wife was a widow before we met and she didn’t know if she would ever get married again — let alone have children. So he really is our gift from God. A year later, we were blessed again with Alexander.
We still have our first baby picture of Matt — an ultrasound. Months before he was born, the image showed him on his side with his hand out and his thumb in his mouth. He was sucking his thumb.
Tonette and I were pro-life before we saw that ultrasound but looking at our gift from God made it indisputable. It was further proof of the sanctity of life.
It is why I was honored to sign so many pieces of pro-life legislation during my two terms as governor of Wisconsin. One of those laws requires anyone seeking an abortion to get an ultrasound. The technician has to point out the unborn baby’s visible organs and external features.
Despite the rhetoric from the abortion industry about an unborn child just being tissue, an ultrasound shows the actual baby. Our hope is that this will create a bond that convinces her to save her child.
We still have our ultrasound pictures of Matt and Alex. They are their first baby photographs.
Around the time that Matt and Alex were born back in the 1990s, Bill Clinton declared that abortion should be safe, legal and rare. Today, that rhetoric wouldn’t even be close enough for the pro-abortion extremists who control the national Democrats. Today, radical Democrats require support for abortion-on-demand all the way through birth.
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam unintentionally exposed just how extreme Democrats have become on abortion when he said in January that:
“The infant would be delivered; the infant would be kept comfortable; the infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desire, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”
Just so we are clear. Mr. Northam, who happens to be a doctor, is saying that a baby would be born, that baby would be kept comfortable and then they would decide whether to keep the baby alive or kill the baby.
A piece of tissue does not need to be kept comfortable. An organ does not need to be kept comfortable. Only a human being needs to be kept comfortable.
As I have said before, if the family takes that baby home and decides to end the life of their child after they leave the hospital, they would be guilty of homicide. Killing a baby after birth is more than infanticide. It is more than live-birth abortion. It is murder.
So goes the party that once thought abortion should be safe, legal and rare.
Even Joe Biden had to backtrack to appease the abortion profiteers. The former vice president who has consistently been wrong on abortion at least acknowledged that taxpayers who did not share his view on abortion should not be asked to pay for it.
Sadly, that shred of decency was too much. For Mr. Biden to be a viable Democrat in the presidential sweepstakes today, he must bow at the altar of those who believe in abortion under any circumstances. He flip-flopped and now says that taxpayers should foot the bill for abortions.
In Wisconsin, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers vetoed four pieces of pro-life legislation late last Friday afternoon. One of the bills he vetoed came about because of the words of Mr. Northam in Virginia and because of legislation passed there and in states like New York and Rhode Island. It is sad that protecting a child from death by abortion after they are born isn’t worthy of being the law in Wisconsin — or any other state for that matter.
Ultimately, we have to change the hearts and minds of the American public. The only good that has come out of things like the debate on radical legislation in Virginia, New York and Rhode Island is that the public is seeing just how extreme supporters of abortion really are these days. Polls this year show the shift toward pro-life positions.
For me, the best way to explain it is this: What if a deranged person attacked a pregnant woman and ultimately killed her unborn child? Would you send her a get well card or a sympathy card? If you would send a sympathy card, then you, too, recognize that her baby was a human being — just like our son Matthew was 25 years ago.
• Scott Walker was the 45th governor of Wisconsin.