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Monday, June 10, 2019

Politics of Fanatacism

theodore M I R A L D I.

Those of us with long memories, and a penchant for Historical Facts understand what fanaticism does to Nations, and Individuals. In our carefree younger years Idealistic Dreams of Utopia and One World In Peace seemed the only alternative to Death and Destruction.

Mind you, History has been littered with War and not enough Peace. And here's why.

For the most part Idealism and Fanaticism reside in the minds of the young, or disenfranchised. How do Nations and Peoples overcome systemic Socio-Economic Disaster, when they are the ones Promoting, and Supporting it?

Like the old saying, 'If you're young and not an idealist you have no heart' yet heart alone most always leaves one with Unfulfilled Dreams and Disappointment.

Fanatics come in every stripe and color, and some are known to be genius.

Those aren't the ones who continually mess things up. They have their day and disappear just as quickly.

Imagine, young women fainting at the sight of Sinatra, Elvis and the Beatles. Some people become so Overwhelmed with an Idea, Thought, or Celebrity, they lose control of their physical and mental well being. How about the Branch Davidians and David Koresh, so embedded in an ideal they were willing to face a horrible death.

And it doesn't end there...the part of the human brain that triggers gratification is now on steroids, and what it ultimately produces are Dysfunctional Addictive Behaviors and hence Humans.

The horror of the Jim Jones Mass Suicide, and Heaven's Gate wanting Spock to Beam Them Up.

Let's take it a step further...Charles Manson's Helter Skelter, and his murderous followers.

Fans, Followers, Likes and Clicks all feed the Left's Instant Gratification Mobs. This is no different than the booming promises  of Hitler, El Duce', Castro. Mao and Stalin. First cultivate the children with Revised History about the Evils of the Past. Racism, Bias, Brutality, Privilege, and Uneven Wealth.

Next, divide the population through Identity, and concentrate on Racial Warfare while creating a New Larger Underclass by Opening the Borders and Over-Burdening all Social and Government Institutions.

And this will certainly lead to the Enslavement of the Masses on the Government Dole. It would seem those who wish to conquer others, again have Slavery on their mind. Just promise the World, and Deliver Poverty.

This is what the Political Left is doing to the United States. Not concerned about the future issuing moronic policies that do not take effect immediately, while the nation is destroyed.

These are the Liars of the Left who have been helping Citizens become Homeless and Addicted to Drugs.

The Politics of Fanaticism wants your Vote!


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