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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Carranza’s UGLY New ‘R’ for City Schools

Richard Carranza, Houston Independent School District's superintendent, was
 Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

Post Editorial Board

Reading, ’riting and ’rithmatic aren’t enough for Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza. He’s adding a fourth R to the curriculum: racial resentment. Or, worse yet, substituting it for the first three.
In principle, Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education is suppose to push educators to avoid cultural blindspots that might make it harder for some kids to learn.
In practice, though, it’s a plain license to lunacy, pushing the pretense that “whiteness” is the reason the schools fail to teach so many black and Hispanic students.
Ignored, as ever, is the fact that both East and South Asian kids do more than fine.
And that New York City public-school teachers are already bathed in racial- and cultural-sensitivity lessons long before they’re even hired.
More important, none of this bull will help a child in Brownsville or the South Bronx learn to read and write. Is a black or Latina high-school student to stop trying to pass the state Regents exams because the tests are (mysteriously, in ways no one can actually concretize) skewed in favor of her white and Asian peers?
“What’s confounding about this proposal is that it doesn’t acknowledge the successes of students doing well in New York City public schools and instead identifies it as problematic white privilege,” Maud Maron, president of Manhattan’s Community Education Council 2, told The Post.
Worse, it substitutes for Carranza’s real duty — namely, to find out how schools can do better by the black and brown children they’re now failing.
Hint: Copy the most successful public charter schools, which have virtually eliminated the “racial achievement gap.”
Victimology won’t help anyone — the students, least of all.

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