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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Former CIA Agent EXPOSES The Deep State

Exclusive: Rachel Alexander relates shocking predictions by man who's been on the inside


He describes himself as “the only CIA officer in history to publicly expose government illegal activity and cover up, [and] stand up against the state secrets privilege at great personal risk.” In 2012, he wrote an exposĂ© on the CIA’s abuse of government secrecy called “From the Company of Shadows.” (A preview can be read on Scribd.)
Kevin Shipp held several positions in the CIA and had top security clearance. Since leaving the CIA, he has become a whistleblower about the corruption he saw there and in other intelligence agencies.
According to a 2011 New York Times story, Shipp sued the CIA over the dangerous conditions of the housing the agency gave him and his family. After he moved to a new job at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, he felt the agency was surveilling his family and harassing him in other ways.
And he believes the Deep State is attempting a secret coup to take down President Trump. He believes that coup is treason. He made that claim and others in a recent interview with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog.
Indictments coming
Shipp thinks indictments will be coming down, maybe as soon as this year – a civil war that has been brewing for over 60 years. One side is composed of the “dark left,” the shadow government – the FBI, CIA and the NSA – the DNC and members of Congress. He believes a Marxist movement controls the DNC. Progressive goals are Marxist goals.
He says this is the first time since JFK that a president has confronted the shadow government. Trump is too kind to call it the swamp. He would call it the sewer. Armed citizens are a key component to thwart them, he says.
The progressives have three goals. First, to change the Constitution into “a living document,” and change the First and Second Amendments. Second, to target Christians because they believe Christianity underlies the Constitution. Third, to destroy the founding principles of America.
He says John Brennan, former director of the CIA, is saying crazy things about Trump because he knows he’s going to be indicted. The Deep State is panicking. They know this is treason. Shipp says this goes all the way up to Obama, and as long as Trump is in office, there is a chance Obama will be prosecuted.
The people are going to take down the media when they realize how complicit the media has been in this. He says MSNBC and CNN were seditious. However, it’s difficult to bring charges against the press because of press protections. Instead, they’ll take a huge advertising and financial hit. It could also mean the end of the Democratic Party. They are now the home of every sick and twisted group.
Shipp says it’s really a global conspiracy, involving intelligence agencies from foreign countries. He calls Hillary Clinton the globalist princess. Shipp discusses how left-wing billionaire George Soros is a globalist with Marxist views. He thinks if we get a globalist as a president after Trump, there could be an armed insurrection if they try to change the Constitution.
Soros is pushing for globalism. He’s “kind of a puppet of the Rothschilds,” the globalist powerful family who are heavily involved in the federal banking system. Shipp observes that the Federal Reserve is made up of foreign banks, it’s not federal and it has no reserves.
The Clinton crime syndicate
He says the Clinton Foundation is one of the biggest criminal charity frauds in the history of the world. Shipp calls it the Clinton crime syndicate. He said Robert Mueller and James Comey were investigating it and they dropped the investigation. He recommends people check out the work of Charles Ortel for more information on the corruption of the Clinton Foundation.
Shipp discusses how the Obama administration targeted Trump’s associate Paul Manafort once they discovered he had not registered as a foreign agent for his overseas business dealings. Of course, Clinton crony John Podesta failed to do the same thing, but he was not prosecuted.
The Deep State is going to continue pressing Putin toward a third World War. They will keep blaming him and make him look like he’s an international aggressor. By pushing wars, that helps the shadow government stay in power. It’s the military industrial complex.
Since the economy is doing well, which is hurting the Democratic presidential candidates, the Deep State will go after it to make it look bad. There is a missing $21 trillion in debt which Shipp says was moved under James Clapper at National Intelligence to National Security and classified as secret. Now we will never know what they spent that money on.
Attorney General Barr will be in charge of bringing indictments. Shipp says he will charge them incrementally, a couple here, then a couple there, etc. Hitting them all at once would cause government instability and would affect the stock market.
The CIA and FBI use classifications to cover up criminal activity. Trump said he is going to be declassifying more than just the FISA warrant information.
The dark left and dark violence
The danger is the dark left and dark left violence. As the indictments increase, violence is going to increase. There will be beatings, shootings and more shootings at police. Americans need to arm and protect themselves against this.
However, the Deep State is not going to get anywhere with voter fraud because there are so many millions of Trump supporters. Look at all the people who show up at Trump’s rallies.
Democrats are running from the Democratic Party, Shipp says. Millions are turning to Trump. The voter turnout for Trump in 2020 is going to be even more shocking than 2016.
Shipp said voter fraud occurred in Florida where the supervisor of elections bussed in fake votes. It also took place in Texas, Georgia and Arizona. RINOs helped the Democrats take over Congress during the midterm elections. There’s no difference between them and the Democrats; they’re basically one party.
He says if Trump can get the money back from China they’ve taken through unfair trade, he can start paying down U.S. debt. In a couple of years, we’re not even going to be able to afford the interest on the national debt. He thinks Trump is so under siege now that he probably won’t try to accomplish it until his second term. Russia and China are working to see that the U.S. dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. If that happens, we’re done.
Mathematically, we’re headed for a financial collapse. The question is when. He thinks it will happen after Trump is out of office.

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