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Sunday, September 1, 2019

DEMONIZING The Founders, Again

Will George Washington University change its name to RuPaul A&M?

George Washington University’s mascot — for now (discovergw screenshot)


Step by baby step, we move closer than ever to demonizing the Founding Fathers. News about George Washington University:
Breitbart News reported in April that a majority of students participated in a referendum at George Washington University voted to end the use of the “Colonials” mascot. Of the 5,000 students that voted in the referendum, 54 percent voted against the continued use of the mascot. The university initially took no action on the vote, as late as two months after the petition the university still had “no comment” on the student’s demands.
Now, George Washington University has slowly started its process of removing the mascot from campus. In one example, the student center for registration and financial services was renamed from “Colonial Central” to “Student Services Hub.” [Photos here — RD]. A student organization that encourages students to attend university athletic events recently changed its name from “Colonial Army” to “George’s Army.” However, the organization claims that the recent referendum did not influence their decision to change the name.
This past spring, the student body voted to chuck the Colonials name as offensive, by a 54 percent majority. However, only one in five students even bothered to vote in the non-binding election. Yet this is an instructive point: a passive majority will be steamrollered by a woke, engaged vanguard. You may not care what the sports teams are named, but it’s an important symbol. If the word “Colonial” is considered too offensive, then the Colonial era and its eminent personages will be next. Eventually the university will change its name to RuPaul A&M.
Sophomore Andrew Hesbacher, a former Hatchet reporter who helped launch the petition, said he, Yakobashvili and junior Emma Krasnopoler were at a study abroad orientation in April when study abroad staff told them they should not wear any clothing with “Colonials” on it in any country outside of Europe because citizens of those countries would be offended by the history of the word.
“It’s very wrong for us to call ourselves an open and welcoming university when the name means such demise and terror for students who could possibly come here,” he said.
The hippo has been GW’s unofficial mascot for years since former University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg brought the statue to campus in 2000.
Hesbacher said because of the hippo’s long-standing history at GW, it wouldn’t be a stretch to change the mascot, and students have been talking about changing the mascot for years. But he said it was time to make the change a focus instead of a “side conversation.”
“Colonialist, terrorist, murderer. In a lot of places that’s what colonials mean to people,” Hesbacher said. “Why would we continue to call ourselves that?”
Because, children, this is the United States of America, and the founding generations were colonists!
I know, I know, you laugh at this, but it’s all about imbuing the core identity of this country with moral stain. They’re training the next generations to hate America and what it stands for by institutionalizing national self-loathing.

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