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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Tweet to father also indicates she used fake name to enter U.S.


Ilhan Omar says her father’s name is Nur Omar Mohamed, but in an old Father’s Day tweet that she deleted Tuesday, she said his name is Nur Said.

That would mean not only that her name isn’t Ilhan Omar, but that the evidence continues to mount that the man she married named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi was her brother.

She wrote in the 2013 Twitter post: “Happy Father’s Day to my aabo Nur Said, I am forever grateful to Allah for giving me the best father a…”

The tweet was spotlighted Monday night by Twitter member Shaikh Tawhidi, the “Imam of Peace,” who pointed out the typical convention for surnames in many Islamic nations is the name of the father, the Daily Caller reported.

Tawhidi wrote:

Your father is Nur Said?
Not: Nur Omar Mohamed?

So you’re Ilhan Nur Said?

And you married Ahmed Nur Said,

You married your brother.

(Most Americans don’t know that in most Muslim countries, the surname is actually the father’s name)


Ilhan in 2013 ???????? BUSTED.

— Imam of Peace (@Imamofpeace) September 17, 2019

One America News reporter Jack Posobiec archived the tweet before it was deleted.

President Trump in July repeated the claim that Omar’s union with Elmi was illegal immigration fraud because he is her brother. Omar has called the allegation “absolutely false and ridiculous.”

However, as WND reported, investigative reporter David Steinberg, PowerLine blogger David Steinberg and Alpha News reporter Preya Samsundar have published over the past three years substantial evidence that Omar married her brother to defraud U.S. immigration and perjured herself eight times in her divorce statement.

Omar says she married Ahmed Hirsi, the father of her three children, in an Islamic ceremony in 2002, but six years later they “reached an impasse in our life together” and divorced. In 2009, she legally married Elmi. She says she reconciled with Hirsi in 2012. But she didn’t divorce Elmi until 2017, after evidence emerged in her runs for office that Elmi is her biological brother.

A Minnesota state agency has fined her for filing joint tax with Hirsi while she was legally married to Elmi. reported in July that the congresswoman had separated from Hirsi. Last month, in a divorce filing, a Washington, D.C., mother charged her political consultant husband, Tim Mynett, had left her for Omar in April. Records show Omar paid Mynett and his E. Street Group approximately $230,000 through her campaign since 2018 for fundraising consulting, digital communications, internet advertising and travel expenses.

The Daily Caller noted that the one person Omar has publicly recognized as a sibling in America is Sahra Noor. Sahra has identified Nur Said as her father, according to screenshots published in 2016 by Preya Samsundar.

Noor moved to Nairobi, Kenya, in January 2019 to start a company called Grit Partners International. Ahmed Nur Said Elmi manages her Instagram account.

‘The evidence is overwhelming’

In July, WND reported the watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a House Ethics complaint against Omar calling for a congressional investigation of allegations of perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud and federal student loan fraud.

“The evidence is overwhelming Rep. Omar may have violated the law and House rules,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The House of Representatives must urgently investigate and resolve the serious allegations of wrongdoing by Rep. Omar.”

WND also reported the local daily newspaper that has provided enthusiastic coverage of Omar, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, says the congresswoman has been uncooperative with attempts to resolve the accusation.

The findings of Steinberg, Samsundar and Johnson, Judicial Watch said, are “supported by information gathered from public records, social media postings, genealogy databases, computer forensic analysis, unaltered digital photographs, discussions between the investigative reporters and the subjects of the investigation themselves, and information supplied by confidential sources within the Somali-American community.”

In her application for divorce in 2017, she swore under penalty of perjury, among that, other things, she had had no contact with Elmi after June 2011 and didn’t know where to find him.

However, evidence, including now deleted social media posts, compiled by Steinberg and others indicates she not only had contact with Elmi but also met with him.

The apparent immigration fraud scheme, Judicial Watch said, also may have helped Elmi obtain federally backed student loans for his attendance at North Dakota State University.

The State of Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board already has determined that Omar violated state campaign finance laws for improper use of campaign funds. She was forced to reimburse her campaign thousands of dollars.

More significantly, Judicial Watch said, the board discovered she filed joint tax returns with Hirsi in 2014 and 2015 while she was legally married to Ahmed Elmi.


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