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Monday, October 21, 2019

Is TRUMP A Republicrat?

theodore M I R A L D I.

As President Trump rumbles through the nation attracting enormous overflow crowds, the party of Obama and Hillary stand outside the mainstream yelling false accusations through a once proud Party and an organized Propaganda Machine, The Fake News.

My how thing have changed!

The stuffed shirt Conservatives now wear blue jeans, while the new Socialist Democrats, as they wish to be called, carry Coach Bags and wear Dolce Gabbana. The new Politikrats believe hard work, love of country and belief in a Higher Power are now passe'. They worship THINGS, inanimate things, certainly not you or the sanctity of Life.

What had been perceived by the Left as Bourgeoisie ruling class values have now become the common wants of the socially stunted. The part of American Society that has lagged behind common purpose has created a sub-culture of Whiners and Complainers. They've held onto one core value,  speaking out, sans any sense of fair play of real Social Justice. They talk about unreachable goals based on group preferences and radical motifs. They accomplish nothing and empty the room of fresh air and ideas. This new mutant group of Yappers constantly at the feet of anyone who disagrees are no more than make believe gamers staring down on Social Media, and hand held devices.

The Only Party the New Left Values, is Partying with Celebrities! 

I see them each and everyday commuting to work, drone like behaviors, expression-less, and non-verbal. Sometimes the only good sense you hear is from standing preachers evoking the commandments that sound much like excerpts from Planet of the Apes; 'What is the Law?'

Natural Logic and Common Sense has been buried beneath Rationalizations that favor Anti-Norm Obedience. And in it's wake, a new un-perfect union that elevates Evil over Good and Suffering for those most at risk.

More popular votes in an election doesn't matter, having more people agreeing with false narratives will never win. Cheaters aren't winners, now or ever. If only for a short term these naysayers are damaging our Founding Principles purely for Personal Gain. The only community that matters is theirs. 

Doesn't sound very American to me!

 Along comes Trump, a hodge-podge stew of Democrat and Conservative values appealing to both political bases. The man who is champion for the Forgotten Americans democrats ignored, and the Bureaucracy Buster that appeals to Middle America's sensible values. 

He's a 'REPUBLICRAT' A Socially Minded Conservative. 

A Job Creator for the Private Sector, not a Job Provider for the Public Sector. He creates wealth for the nation, not for government. Taxpayers shouldn't be paying for over-blown wages and perks they can't afford themselves. He demands better Public Schools that expect excellence instead of mediocrity.

Caring for the unborn and elderly, making sure everyone no matter your political persuasion has the ability guaranteed by the Constitution of Free Speech. These are simple arguments that are confusing the Left. Organizations that once protected rights have been turned into Political Operatives. The ACLU, NAACP and other alphabet organizations have turned against the common good. They now support Destructive Human Behaviors like Late Term Abortion, Transgenderism. The corrupt existing laws and support Illegal Immigration. 

Their motto is now Laws are made to be Broken.

The Constitution used to be the most important document written and followed by Democrats. It is now constantly under attack by those who say they represent those who are willing to destroy the Civil Order that has made this nation great.

We may have the best of both parties already in the White House. A fighter for the common man, and a common sense conservative. 

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