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Saturday, October 12, 2019

SEDITIOUS Intelligence, Officials In Political COUP

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theodore M I R A L D I.

Never before in the History of our Republic has the Intel Community acted more like the KGB than Patriotic Americans protecting American interests. Patrick Henry move over, the new names that will make your insidious past look like child play.

Here they are in all their Seditious Glory; Comey, Clapper, Hillary, Pelosi, Schiff, Strzok, Page, Mueller, Nadler, McCabe, Rosenstein, Waters. Bruce and Nellie Ohr, AOC, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, Rice, Holder, and a host of Left wing Socialists who want to destroy us with their lies, slander and false accusations.

And let's not forget the Antagonist ... Obama!

Former heads of the State Department, FBI, JUSTICE, NSA, IRS and a host of Alphabet Intel communities have turned their backs on Honor & Duty, and leaked classified conversations between Heads of State. Punished Taxpaying Americans and Unified Government in an all out effort to tear up The Constitution in favor of Third World narratives being pushed by the Losers in 2016.

Imagine, caring more about Power than the safety of our families and fellow citizens. The Left has gone too far! No longer able to connect with the majority of Americans, they use helpless Migrants and Illegal Aliens to push the same flawed policies that have entrapped the African/American community into systemic poverty and government enslavement.

As Americans finally begin to accept the consequences of Johnson's 'Great Society' anyone can easily point their finger on the map to the cancer growing within our society. Nearly everywhere Democrats control, Local, State and now Federal Agency people are suffering. Promises of future fantasy fixes never seem to actualize as Americans fall further behind successful Western Culture.

Hillary called Trump's Presidency Illegitimate, Ex-Intelligence Heads have called Trump a Traitor as well as Democrat Congressional Leaders. Fake News continues to lie about the simplest narratives and contorts the truth working hand in hand with the Democrat Party.

These people are suppose to Honor this Nation and Protect It from Subversive Forces that would unravel the fabric of our success. They are the Saboteurs! 

When power alone is the only reward anything after it seems useless. What could be wrong? Has the American Public become so Evil, that the Morality necessary to achieve positive results is no longer the goal. After all, we import people who hate everything about us. but our money. They laugh at death of American Children while championing the rights of Invading families. 

Take a look at your neighbor, is that who you want your children to be?  A Loud, Arrogant, and Profane Bully! That's what our culture has allowed to simmer into our Public Consciousness. We have become caricatures of 'B' Movies and Tattoo Covered Gangsters.

When those who have taken an Oath to uphold the Constitution openly say they hate it, nothing is left but Revolution. It makes me sad to say that, yet a time may be coming that defines just how valuable our Freedoms have become.

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