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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The No CIVIL WAR Left Behind Act

Democrats and Republicans drafted bipartisan legislation together to help foreigners — a feat they have not done for regular Americans in years. (Associated Press/File)

Charles Hurt


Why is it always foreigners who manage to unite all the politicians from both parties in Washington?
Illegal aliens — I mean “Dreamers.” Haitian boat people. Olde Europeans. Sudanese. And now the Kurds. It is never support for regular Americans that brings politicians from both parties together.
Even military veterans seem to offend half the politicians in Washington. Democrats in Congress would give illegal aliens free health care before they would give it to our wounded veterans.
And don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against the Kurds. They seem like great people. Brave, hardworking — a considerable step up from your average American college student today. And they seem to be truly trying to shake off the yoke of tyranny, which at least half of Americans support.
But why do politicians drop everything they should be working on and come together to do something only for the “Dreamers,” who, again, are illegal aliens? Or for the Kurds?
Politico website, in an attempt at wry humor, posted a story Monday: “Trump unites the GOP — against him.”
Get it? So witty.
The story is about how President Trump wants to keep his campaign promise to disentangle us from all these foreign wars, including the civil war in Syria.
Nothing — and I mean NOTHING — unites politicians in Washington like some rogue renegade who gets elected and then vows to keep the promises that got him elected. It is why Mr. Trump is so deeply despised inside the swamp.
The “whistleblowers” in the deepest bowels of the swamp breed like mosquitoes carrying virulent diseases.
“The president’s decision to change course in Syria has united Republicans against him, and it threatens a new round of Congress-versus-the-administration griping with consequences on the global stage,” Politico displayed on its little website.
The electronic story went on to quote Democrats and Republicans drafting bipartisan legislation together — a feat they have not done for regular Americans in years. Probably more than a decade.
They cannot even get together and approve the USMCA trade agreement that everyone in Washington agrees upon and for which thousands of family farmers across the United States are desperate. The holdup is that Mr. Trump might (rightly) get credit for it.
One bill in support of the Kurds has so much support in Congress, politicians claim, that it will be “veto-proof.” Wow. Can you imagine Congress cobbling together that much support for anything to help regular Americans?
Another Republican declared: “We must always have the backs of our allies.”
Where is this unity when it comes to — I don’t know — our own soldiers?
Another Republican wagged his finger: “If the President sticks with this retreat, he needs to know that this bad decision will likely result in the slaughter of allies who fought with us, including women and children.”
I am sorry, but they did not fight alongside us. We fought alongside them.
This is not our war. It’s theirs. That is why it is called a “civil war.” And it is Syria’s civil war. Not ours.

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