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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Lindsey Graham Says Impeachment ‘INVALID’ Without Whistleblower Testimony

US Senator Lindsey Graham
AFP via Getty Images

Lee Brown

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham insisted Sunday that the impeachment inquiry is “invalid” without testimony from the whistleblower and a “complete joke” without comments from Hunter Biden.
“I consider any impeachment in the House that doesn’t allow us to know who the whistleblower is to be invalid,” Sen. Graham (R-S.C.) told Fox News on Sunday.
“Without the whistleblower complaint, we wouldn’t be talking about any of this,” he added.  “And I also see the need for Hunter Biden to be called to adequately defend the president. If you don’t do those two things, it’s a complete joke.”
Graham predicted that the whistleblower will emerge as “somebody from the deep state,” saying, “This thing is gonna stink to high heaven.”
He insisted it was crucial for him to be unmasked to investigate reported ties to John Brennan or Joe Biden — and that President Trump’s team must be able to cross-examine him.
“No American can be accused of a crime based on an anonymous allegation,” Graham told Fox.
“The whistleblower is foundational to what they’re doing into the House.
“And the fact that they don’t want to call him tells you everything they know — everything you need to know about how valid this effort is to impeach the president.
“If you think Schiff is looking for the truth you shouldn’t be able to drive anywhere in America because that’s a ridiculous concept.”
House minority leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy also insisted on the same show Sunday that the inquiry is a “calculated coup” being “orchestrated” by Schiff.
“We are watching him orchestrate the takedown of a president after we just celebrated 30 years of taking down the Berlin Wall,” he said, calling the Democrat someone who has “consistently lied to America.”
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) also said the inquiry would be “sort of a sham” without Biden and the whistleblower’s evidence.
“You’ll not meet a person who is more fair than I am,” he told NBC’s “Meet The Press.”
“One of our traditions about justice, about finding justice, is a defense should be able to present their witnesses.
“So I am fair-minded. But the trial has to be fair.”
However, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) insisted the whistleblower’s testimony was redundant now that it had sparked so much fresh information.
“All sources tell us that what the whistleblower said was secondhand information, and they now have firsthand information of diplomats, military people, others that actually heard these actions occur,” Klobuchar said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
“Why would you reveal the whistleblower, when you’re supposed to have protections?”

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