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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Democrats Have Become a DISFIGURED Reflection of the PARTY They Once Were

They have left the realm of constructive criticism and have moved even beyond destructive criticism into the pathological domain of hysterical dementia.
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E. Jeffrey Ludwig

In an amazingly prophetic story by Isaac Bashevis Singer entitled "The Gentleman from Cracow," about life in the village of Frampol, where "the food was scarce and the water foul," one day, a young man, a doctor, arrives in a carriage drawn by eight horses. He tells the villagers that his wife and baby have just died in childbirth, and his rabbi had advised him that his melancholy would disappear in Frampol. He begins to spend a lot of money in the town, and the town prospers as never before. He finally decides to marry one of the local women. On the day of the wedding, "the gentleman from Cracow revealed his true identity." Who is he? Singer reveals him to us: "He was no longer the young man the villagers had welcomed, but a creature covered with scales, with an eye in his chest, and on his forehead a horn that rotated at great speed. His arms were covered with hair, thorns, and elflocks, and his tail was a mass of live serpents, for he was none other than Ketev Mriri, Chief of the Devils."

The above story could be a parable about the Democratic Party, which can now rightly be called the Leftocratic Party, as it has embraced extremist socialist and communist views. Its members have morphed from being a voice of hope as one of America's two great parties to being properly characterized as unbelievable liars in their animus toward Pres. Donald J. Trump, voices of perversion as they publicly condemn any reservations expressed about "gender fluidity," and anti-prosperity as they wax indignant about Trump's disengagement from various multilateral deals that drain our economy. Practical and realistic concerns about Islamic terrorist threats are dismissed with outraged, scowling faces as vicious, maniacal racism. Further, the so-called impeachment hearings distorted or discarded almost every time-honored legal norm under our rule of law.

The Leftocrats are apologists for evil (not just disagreeable) foreign regimes and are against fundamental Constitutional ideas and structures such as the Tenth Amendment as they resist federal disengagement from setting nationwide education priorities. Leftocrats have been vehemently calling for abolition of the Electoral College. They are cursing the president from every podium and venue that presents itself and thereby undermine the separation of powers and demonstrate disrespect for the law of the land since our president is head of the Executive Branch.

We see in their contempt for federal marijuana laws, the institution of sanctuary cities, and their hostility to border enforcement a deranged lack of perspective regarding the health of our citizens, many of whom are struggling with or dying from drug usage. The opioid epidemic we face is clearly connected to the opioid supply, and that, in turn, is clearly a border issue. Yet they put aside the well-being of so many poor souls caught by the hook of addiction into ignoring border enforcement in order to score political hate points against the president. Instead of looking at border issues in terms of law and national health, they turn enforcement into an ugly, defamatory argument about American and Trumpian racism. Only 14 years ago, they were able to agree with Republicans on the need for stronger border enforcement, whereas now they try to block every Trump attempt — mandated by the American people — to bring order out of chaos on our southern border.

Their ideas of fairness, justice, family, morality, generosity, love, responsibility are not American in any meaningful way. Instead of promoting political ideals consistent with the U.S. history of Judeo-Christian ideas and ideals (based upon a Protestant foundation derived from English speaking Protestants, albeit with overlays of other Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish traditions), they have derived most of their ideas from abstractions based in cultural Marxism.

The phrase "melting pot" had gained wide currency in 1908, during the great wave of Slavic, Jewish, and Italian immigration, when Israel Zangwill's play "The Melting Pot" was produced. In it, a character says with enthusiasm, "America is God's crucible, the great melting-pot where all the races of Europe are melting and re-forming!"

Beginning in the 1960s, instead of the melting pot, the multiculturalists — rooted in the cultural Marxism of Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Eric Fromm, Antonio Gramsci, and others — began affirming the diversity "salad bowl" image. Our national motto: E pluribus unum ("out of many one") has been stood on its head, whereby the goal of the nation is purported as fulfilled only by highlighting and praising the distinctions of every sub-cultural group in the U.S. by age, ethnicity, immigrant status, sexual deviancy (preference), and all "protected classes." The cultural Marxists want us to believe that the melting pot ideal was a deception imposed on society as a whole by white, male, straight Christians and that the melting pot ideal lacked truth, democratic values, and social vigor. The masses and certain groups in particular were shunted aside, dispossessed, ignored, or brutalized. America, despite its apparent successes, was sucking the hope and lifeblood out of the masses of people.

For those of us who have witnessed the progress of African-Americans since the days of Jim Crow and have experienced the economic and social progress of generations produced by the dirt-poor, non-English-speaking immigrants, the harsh criticisms of America by the Leftocrats has morphed into an outrageous and almost demonic defiance of reason. Where is the balance, the display of reasonableness, the acceptance of others? Instead, we see an unbridled, vulgar, destructive mindset on display everywhere in the party of derangement. Just consider the language used about Trump by Robert De Niro or the mock bloody beheadings of our president. Consider the evil assassin who tried to kill Republican congressmen in Florida.

The Democrats now rightly can be renamed Leftocrats. Their hostility to President Trump has reached pathological dimensions or worse. Their mantras about the "top 1%" or "top 0.1%" have become the tip of a spear of seemingly bottomless hatred for our president, our history, our legal structures, our institutions, our religious heritage, our language, and our achievements in every sphere of human endeavor. They have left the realm of constructive criticism and have moved even beyond destructive criticism into the pathological domain of hysterical dementia — or, as with Singer's story, a level of unhingedness even beyond the ken of psychiatry.


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