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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

House Impeachment Managers Urge Senators to REJECT McConnell’s Rules

Jerrold Nadler, (right) Adam Schiff (center) and the House impeachment managers
Jerrold Nadler (right), Adam Schiff (center) and the House impeachment managers. AP

Mark Moore

The Democratic lawmakers who will prosecute the House’s case against President Trump in the Senate impeachment trial on Tuesday blasted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s proposed rules and urged senators to vote against them.
“A White House-driven and rigged process, with a truncated schedule designed to go late into the night and further conceal the President’s misconduct, is not what the American people expect or deserve,” the House team, which is led by Rep. Adam Schiff, wrote in a statement.
“The McConnell Resolution goes so far as to suggest it may not even allow the evidence gathered by the House to be admitted,” the statement continued. “That is not a fair trial. In fact, it is no trial at all.”
McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, released the proposed rules Monday evening that will be debated when the impeachment trial gets underway later Tuesday.
They would give Democrats 24 hours over two days to make their case against Trump on the two articles of impeachment the House passed on Dec. 18.
“There should be a fair trial — fair to the President, yes, but equally important, fair to the American people. Any Senator who wants the same, should reject the McConnell Resolution,” the managers said.
They also said McConnell failed to follow the model set during President Bill Clinton’s Senate impeachment trial in 1999.
“His resolution deviates sharply from the Clinton precedent — and common sense — in an effort to prevent the full truth of the President’s misconduct from coming to light,” the Democrats said in the statement. “In the Clinton case, the President provided all of the documents — more than 90,000 pages of them — before the trial took place. McConnell’s resolution rejects that basic necessity.”
In Clinton’s impeachment, those making opening arguments were given 24 hours to make their cases but over a three-day period.
Democrats would need four GOP senators to reach the 51-vote threshold needed to change the rules.
Republicans hold a 53-47 majority in the Senate.
Opening arguments are slated for Wednesday.

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