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Tuesday, February 25, 2020


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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Rooting For EVIL?

The Behaviors of the New Democrat Party have strayed so far from mainstream, that many of my neighbors are un-recognizable. The breakdown in social order has had many Americans ready to take matters into their own hands. The Left in its effort to destabilize the nation to gain power is shredding not only Local and State Law, but the Constitution as well. In their eyes, our nation is no longer legitimate. Our growing pains as a nation don't meet their perfectionist mantra.

Funny how the loudest voices come from those who fuel victimization for their own needs. Not the needs of the communities they hardly represent. Not satisfied to climb the ladder of success, their mission is to punish anyone not agreeing to their desperation and Cult-like behaviors. Grown men and women screaming nonsensical arguments with hate in their eyes. What has become of us?

It's about Demographics and the Power of Propaganda. The unfortunate outcome is purposely fortunate to its purveyors who set the bar lower than the norms established by decades of Human and Civil Experience.

The New Left has been chipping away at sanity, replacing logic with sanctimonious emotive cries of victimhood. Opening our Systems and Institutions to the constant attack on our Core Principles and Beliefs. This paradigm has become the Policy of the Left. Not cogent enough to fix what may need fixing, but to destroy what exists, replacing it with childish ideology and Everything is Free.

The Delusional Moral Turpitude of what's best for them as a group of victims, supersedes community standards in such egregious manners, that society as a whole is repelled.

Imagine Christians of any stripe supporting late-term abortion or marriage between same-sex partners. Or righteous indignation from those breaking long-standing warnings about bad choices in personal behaviors. Setting a new axiom only requires acceptance by its adherents, even if they are in the minority and do harm. Not to mention a Presidential Candidate that just supported a 9-year-old boy to come out as Gay! I'm no prude, but I question the sanity of a section of our population that supports ruining children's' lives. No doubt the same population that supports Late-Term Abortion and Drag Queens reading to Grammer School children.  

The Super Simians are rattling the cage while flinging feces at the rest of us. There are basic rules of Civilized Behaviors codified throughout Human History warning of the destruction of the social integration human beings must adhere to.  Not to do so allows personal responsibility to regress into some primal reflection of our primitive selves. 

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