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Wednesday, February 5, 2020



Vincenzo Camuccini's depiction of the death of Julius Caesar.

theodore M I R A L D I.

Those that liken the Senate Trial of a Sitting President to any other Trial in Civil or Criminal Court is living in a Delusion. This was an attempted Political Coup and not a Trial or Impeachment. The audacity of the Partisan Hatred and Kabuki Theater was nothing less than an attempted Political Assassination on the President.

Death by a thousand cuts

The Democrats in all of their Delusions perceive Lies to be Truths and Accusations to be Fact. The flawed House Probe was more about the 2020 Election than having Trump Impeached. They have no-one to blame but themselves! Democrats so used to mediocrity actually believe they did a thorough job. The same type of job done in every City they control across the nation.

No Special Prosecutor, No Grand Jury and No Representation from the Accused in the House. And yet they call the Senate Trial a Sham. It is a shame that my country has turned into this. The same so-called Statesmen/Women acting like a pack of adolescent wolves. The Democrats have been creating and coordinating these late Breaking Bombshells that Fizzle into Oblivion never revealing facts, or crimes committed. Yet they repeat the Lie into infinity.

In the United States of America it is an abomination on every level of JurisPrudence to convict anyone and especially a President of a crime, without a crime being committed. The American People have had enough of the left going to Bat and Striking Out! When the Democrats lose or face a loss, they want to change the rules of the game. They were ill prepared. I work with Attorneys everyday in Civil Court and know a Shill from a Scholar.

Vincenzo Camuccini's depiction of the death of Julius Caesar.
 Leemage/Getty Images

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