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Sunday, February 9, 2020

MITT: Give Unto Caesar, What are Caesar's ...

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I find it repulsive that there are those who live within my sphere that renders judgment on my relationship with my creator. One must always be aware of their shortfalls and continually attempt to be a better creation. Although I respect those with contrary conclusions, intentions do matter. And in the Body Politic bad intentions sometimes tell the truth about the author.

One's Character is televised in moments of tribulation.

Those with acute religiosity may not make the best leaders. History has proven the fallen and resurrected are more capable of a greater understanding of balanced leadership. We have been facing Theological Tyrants who praise God and Murder the Innocent. Burning down bridges, although sometimes necessary, should be the exception to the rule. Anyone who praises God and breaks some Fundamental Truths should not be Preaching their exceptional behaviors. They suffer from the loss of humility.

And there's where Mitt Romney resides, in a loss of Humility. His feeling for President Trump has been many and hyperbolic in nature. Although Mitt liked Trump's money, he didn't like his lifestyle.

What's troubling is that Mitt used God to do something he himself couldn't understand. Blaming God for your imperfection is a most egregious transgression.

Mitt Romney is a swamp creature that sometimes outs himself. Being self-righteous to do wrong in counter-intuitive to Logic and therefor our Creator. 

Maybe Mitt Romney's North American Jesus never heard of Caesar...

Collage by Chrissie Abbott

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