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Sunday, May 10, 2020

China's EVIL At Its Core. LAWMAKERS Must Pay For Their TREACHERY

China's Challenge to Democracy - WSJ

theodore M I R A L D I.

Communist China is doing what all good comrades must do, disseminate propaganda in the face of Evil. This is the only way it can survive in the face of free democratic nations. If that were not enough, there are elements of our own government weened on Socialist narratives that have bought into lying to get what they want. Those who continually champion the causes of perceived victims are usually the victims of their poor personal skills, and in the end, are actually promoting themselves. They care little for the commoner or the unborn. Both are just pawns to elevate their Lust for Power and Idolization. As Andy Warhol's 1968 prophecy proclaimed, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes!"

Well My Socialist Sympathisers, Your 15 Minutes Are Up!                              

In what alternate universe would American Lawmakers of any stripe side with a communist nation over ours? Believe the false analysis of a regime that proudly touts Mao's 1958, Great Leap Forward that aimed to rapidly transform China's economy from agrarian to industrial, which led to the deadliest famine in history and the deaths of 20–46 million people between 1958 and 1962. and still to this day a nation that has assigned millions of Muslims to re-education camps. China is one of the worst Human Rights Abusers in the world, yet the party of Pelosi and the misguided Left praises propaganda with no real verifiable facts. 

It's time for the Lost Children of the Democrat Party to come to maturity. China and its leaders have proved throughout history that Life is of little value. It is hard to digest an Evil American Public that has extinguished nearly 60 million unborn children. Why is it not as Evil as Mao's Purge?

The similarities between the Behaviors of our Enemies and the party of FDR and JFK now seem to be in agreement. There is a silent Sedition in our body politic that damns America for the ills of the world and the individual. How ironic, that we side with nations that flood our shores with the drugs that kill our children and put the future of our nation in peril. If one needs to debate between Freedom and Totalitarianism we are truly on the brink of a serious adjustment in our world political order.

We must always remember these three great loyalties: God, Family, and Country to keep America Free. We will overcome Covid-19, but will we conquer the Evil around us?

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