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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Congress REFUSES To Work, Refuses COVID-19 TESTING

 Speaker Nancy Pelosi used a scarf as a face mask as she arrived at the US Capitol

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Who are these people in Congress? Fashioned after the House of COMMONS they, in essence, are supposed to have the General Publics' interest. While demanding the Public obey their elitist edits they have decided to stay at home in light of the greatest threat this nation has seen since 9/11.

Somehow it feels like we are being governed by cowards without the obligations entrusted by their Oaths to the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. It should now be evident that they do not represent the Common Citizen but themselves and only their choice of Special Interests. One of which includes the Chinese Communist Party.

How dare they demand we comply with their shutting down our nation, sheltering in place, wearing protective masks, and yes BEING TESTED!

They live in a protective bubble as it is, isolated from the tragedies of thousands of lost lives, and no jobs. Here are a group of people that are getting paid by the very taxpayers who have lost their jobs, because of their cowardly fears. Their arrogance is their Badge of Courage living a life of Pomp and Circumstance, while their constituents wait on lines to feed their children. Mind you, this is all at the behest of some quazi-science models that pertain to populations outside of ours. 

Science is now in and Congress knows it, yet they refuse to return to work! Well over 95% of all infected with COVID-19 survive. So why the panic? Although I do not support an outright rebellion, arresting Americans who are not breaking any codified laws seems to be the policies of Communist China and not the United States.

The Lust for Power has polluted our political system. Welcome to the Third World!

It's about Power, the Left wants you to adhere and be subjugated to their will. Your children, yourself and your elderly parents and relatives really don't matter. Nearly half of this nation hates the other half over Ideological reasons that have little to do with our everyday lives. Those guiding the narrative do so for themselves alone. You are no more than a TV Rating and a Vote. 

There is an Evil among us that double speaks fluently to convince the Weak of Their Truths. Their lofty intent caresses your soul as they drive you into the ground. It saddens me that some choose to betray their souls for a few pieces of silver.

It has become the career of the left to rob you of your dignity and self-respect, while they line the pockets with our nation's treasure.

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