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Thursday, May 28, 2020

OpEd: One Nation Under GOD?

theodore miraldi.
Orignal Post September 8, 2015

There was a time when we were not just Democrats, or Republicans, but Americans. When the community was inhabited by individuals who cared more about what was important to sustain a successful society. 

But the Halls of Power have decided that they are more important than the community, or society. We see it in our streets and schools, the children are lost, and if that is to be, this nation will perish.

The first Americans forged this nation to escape the persecution of a government that said, it was the representative of faith. That being truth was legally able to dictate the inner most belief systems its subjects most adhere by.

Our nation is being transformed by the edicts of men, and not the founding principles that are codified in our Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Reasonable accommodation does not mean  the surrender of conscience.

Recent history has shown the fruits of surrender in our decaying communities, and the at risk life of our children. The thirst for power has replaced the common good. Government has taken away the power of the ballot and replaced it with the power of deceit.

As nations rally around faith, our government punishes the faithful. As nations build their capabilities to defend themselves, our government reduces our ability to defend ourselves.

There is an evil dwelling within our nation, and it must be exorcised by the power of reason.

The  ideologues maintain, we must move forward, and only they are the architects of change. 

Wisdom dictates that reasonable discourse takes time and balance.

In being complacent we have lost our reason.

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