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Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Righteous RIOTERS

Colin Kaepernick offers to pay legal fees amid Minneapolis riots ...

theodore M I R A L D I.

One couldn't help but cringe at the sight of George Floyd's murder. And yes, some cops are Evil. Never lose sight though of all the good men and women who dress each day, leave their families, and never know whether they will return.

How unfortunate that exceptions to the norms nowadays get all the attention. Make no mistake, murder by a Police Officer is about egregious as it gets. And like others in authority, they should suffer the maximum penalty for their deeds, although this is a Democrat State, so don't hold your breath. Slow footed Officials who are used to allowing the status quo to prevail, have exacerbated
the violence taking place. 

Honoring the life of Charles Floyd with peaceful protests is how organized societies deal with problems such as this. Conflicted societies that enact and condone violence for political means aren't much better than the bad cops. What's become commonplace are the riots and destruction of property. And let's not forget those so righteous who have been threatening fines and jail to those working Americans whose businesses are being burned down to the ground. And by the way, no loud bursts of condemnation regarding social distancing either.

Like many other lexicons of modern society and the left, 'Righteousness' is now measured in Looting,
Rioting and Destruction of the Neighborhood. Complain about inequality and job opportunity and burn down the business that employs your neighbor. 

What comes to mind are primitive civilizations when at war, Burn, Loot, and Plunder their Enemies. I guess these misfits of society actually see us as the enemy. Not to be judgemental of my American fellowship, but this behavior is rooted in something far more complicated than social justice. This is what happens in Third World nations around the globe. The emotive outbursts that lead to criminal type behaviors. The lack of self-control, an opportunity to gain something you don't deserve. Not good characteristics to repeat after every perceived, or actual injustice. 

America's Heart goes out for George Floyd and his family. What's more painful than his death will be the added hatred others will have for their country and their community.

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