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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Efforts In Futility? The RACE To Nowhere...

theodore miraldi

At first I was sympathetic to all that was George Floyd. I now believe this has gone too far, and far too long. I've watched the deaths of presidents and funerals of dignitaries who truly changed the world we live in, with far less grandeur than Mr. Floyd. 

What's tragic here, is that the criminal behaviors of those in communities with many other George Floyds' will not take the opportunity to change their lives or reshape the communities they live in. What's systemic isn't institutional but personal. There are pockets of individuals who are sustained solely on entitlements. No work and all play only lead to substance and alcohol abuse. 

What's systemic is young men and women who buy into the false narratives of those leading the march against meaningful lives. If you are failing yourself they supply you with a handbook filled with excuses. 

Albeit poverty is hard to escape when your neighbor is walking around in $400 sneakers and diamond earrings luring you into a life of crime. Children have big eyes and bigger dreams, and surly the easy way to stardom has assumed hyper-appeal in down-trodden communities. 

I know, I've lived in these communities for a good deal of my life. I see the faces of both young and old stuck in a place their neighbors promote. George Floyd is just a reminder that will never change human nature of those who disagree when the most outrageous offenses are born of the community they call home. 

Charity toward each other begins at home, killing your friends and neighbors sends nothing but a model of defeated individuals not willing to try something better. I've seen parts of NYC change, so I know it can bet done.

Protests and Riots with no real agenda add up to nothing! In a few months the histrionics will subside, and George Floyd will have died in vain. Over the top remedies show the lack of seriousness by its promoters.

Forget the gnashing of teeth and emotive impulse, together we can move forward hand in hand without burning down a nation to do so. 

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