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Friday, July 31, 2020

Trump Doubles Down, Warns November Will Bring 'Greatest Election DISASTER in History'

'People oughta get smart,' Trump said

Trump doubles down on mail-in ballots, warns will bring 'greatest election disaster in history'

Stephanie Pagones
The president has repeatedly raised concerns involving broad mail-in voting, which is expected to be more widely used in the November election out of concern for safety given the COVID-19 pandemic. Republicans have drawn a distinction with standard absentee ballots given the process in place to obtain one.
But on Thursday, Trump caused a firestorm when he floated the idea of delaying the election until it could be conducted in person. Trump has no authority to do so, as the Constitution gives Congress the power to set the date for elections, and even Republicans pushed back at the suggestion.
At Thursday's White House briefing, Trump claiming universal mail-in balloting could delay the election results for weeks or even months after Election Day.
"You're sending out hundreds of millions of universal mail-in ballots. Hundreds of millions. Where are they going? Who are they being sent to? It's common sense," Trump said. "I want an election, and a result, much more than you. I think we're doing very well. ... I don't want to see a rigged election."
On Friday, he insisted he wants the election to take place, and even said, "I wish we'd move it up, okay?"
He said officials are working to fix the issue, but said the government was "not prepared for an onslaught of millions of ballots pouring in."
"Absentee ballots, great. Going to the polls, great," he added. "If you do universal mail-ins with millions and millions of ballots, you're never gonna know what the real result of an election is. It's gonna be a very, very sad day for our country."
Trump cannot change the election date without the approval of Congress, and policymakers in both parties have largely made clear they would oppose such a move.
Earlier this month, NAPO endorsed Trump for president, after endorsing then-Vice President Joe Biden in both the 2008 and 2012 elections.
In announcing NAPO's support for Trump, President Michael McHale wrote Trump's support is necessary “during this time of unfair and inaccurate opprobrium being directed at our members by so many.”
“We particularly value your directing the Attorney General to aggressively prosecute those who attack our officers,” McHale wrote in the letter.
The Associated Press and Fox News' Gregg Re and Morgan Phillips contributed to this report. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

OpEd: Democrats Put LIFE On DELAY

DOL Formally Moves to Delay Fiduciary Rule - Barron's

theodore miraldi.

Outrage from the mouths of those who care about the People and our Republic, the Democrats openly support putting your personal security on Delay by Defunding the Police. The Democrats want to Delay your children from returning to school against what science tells us to do. 

The Democrats want to Delay you from praying at your place of worship. Democrats want to Delay voting on the next stage of help from Congress if they can't fund their pet projects as well. The Democrats want to Delay sentencing for known criminals with No-Bail edicts. The Democrats want to Delay therapeutics and vaccines hitting the market before the election. 

The democrats want to Delay opening up the economy even where Covid-19 has little to no effect. The Democrats want to Delay real Progress unless taxpayers pay from cradle to grave to fund their Revolution against the American People.

To be honest, the democrats want to Delay the riots from stopping by calling them peaceful protests as they rage out of control. The Democrats want to Delay any help coming from the Federal Government to restore peace.  

And last but not least, the democrats have Delayed Black People from becoming Independent of the State. Black Lives is an inhouse business for the democrats for the past 6 decades with false promises and failed policies. 

The democrats want to Delay the Wall to help stop Illegals from entering our nation.

What's does this all mean?

The Democrats are no more progressive than a dead planet in space. As a matter of fact, they are repressive. Our Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution based on incrementalism so that sane minds could enact just laws. The Democrats even want to Delay the very essence of sanity. They have assumed a cultural dysfunction from their own constituents where up means down and good means bad. So confused by norms of the left, that they have acquiesced their solemn duty to do no harm.

Massive Mail-In Voting because they have shut the nation down is ludicrous. 

With nations already working to interfere why give opportunists and haters the opportunity to commit nationwide fraud? It appears only Democrats are promoting this widespread Fraud. After the 2016 hoax perpetrated by the very same party against the opposition.  In a nation that they themselves espouse as a democracy of one vote per citizen when all they do is expose every system and institution to failure or corruption.    

And although the Constitution does not illuminate what we must do in these unprecedented times regarding a Federal Election, extraordinary times sometimes require extraordinary measures although no Presidential Election has ever been postponed, not even during a war.

The tactics being used by the Democrats are just a continuation of the corruption we have seen from Obama and his henchmen.

Statistics Don’t LIE, But Black Lives Matter DOES

Do we have systemic racism against blacks or a systemic culture of overwhelmingly rampant self-inflicted violence and death in majority-black communities?

Rich Logis

In the adult world of serious matters, opinions are useless, irrelevant, and worthless, because everyone has one; anything that everyone has is usually of little to no value.

Conversely, science, math, numbers, evidence, data and facts, contracts, and laws—these matter a great deal.

Despite what the limousine liberal athletes of American professional sports leagues tell you, blacks value black lives far less than do whites.ere’s the evidence:

According to FBI data, in 2016:

In cases of multiple offenders and/or victims: 7,881 blacks were murdered and 6,095 of their murderers were black—the rate of black-on-black murder in that sample was 77 percent.

By comparison, 6,576 whites were murdered and 5,004 of their murderers were white—the rate of white-on-white murder in that sample was 76 percent.

In cases of single victim/single offender murder (these numbers are incorporated into the above, and are not a separate set of data): 2,870 blacks were murdered and of those 2,570 of the murderers were black while 243 were white.

Ninety percent of blacks murdered in single victim/single offender cases were killed by other blacks.

In cases of single victim/single offender murder (these numbers are incorporated into the above, and are not a separate set of data): 3,499 whites were murdered and of those 2,854 of the murderers were white while 533 were black.

Eighty-two percent of whites murdered in single victim/single offender cases were killed by other whites.

According to data from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2018 there were 563,940 incidents of violence, excluding simple assault, against blacks; incidents of violence are considered not murder, but rape or sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated assault.

Of the 563,940 incidents harming blacks, 70 percent of the perpetrators (approximately 395,000) were black; 10.6 percent were white (approximately 60,000).

There were nearly 3.6 million of the same types of incidents of violence against whites; 15 percent of those perpetrators (approximately 540,000) were black.

This means that the ratio of black-on-white violent crime (excluding murder) is nine times higher than white-on-black crime. This isn’t a worthless opinion—it’s a mathematical conclusion, buttressed by evidence and data. The data is based on victims’ perceptions of offenders; the offender’s race was unknown in 11 percent of incidents.

According to FBI data, in 2018, in cases involving multiple offenders and/or multiple victims 7,407 blacks were murdered and in those incidents 6,318 of the murderers were black—the rate of black-on-black murder in that sample was 85 percent.

By comparison, 6,088 whites were murdered and in those incidents 4,884 of the murderers were white—the rate of white-on-white murder in that sample was 80 percent.

In cases involving a single victim/single offender there were 2,925 blacks murdered and in those cases, 2,600 of the murderers were black while 234 of the murderers were white. In other words, 89 percent of blacks murdered in single victim/single offender cases were killed by other blacks.

In cases of single victim/single offender murder (these numbers are incorporated into the above, and are not a separate set of data), 3,315 whites were murdered and in 2,677 of those cases the murderers were white while 514 were black.

Eighty-one percent of whites murdered in single victim/single offender cases were killed by other whites.

Never hearing or reading about black-on-black crime data from the Democratic Media Industrial Complex: “Black privilege”—yes or no?

I don’t need one’s irrelevant, useless, and worthless opinion, CNN talking-point, dissertation, pontification, polemic, manifesto, exegesis, ranting and raving, stream of consciousness, or Socratic dialogue: Black privilege—yes or no?

Blacks and whites are mostly killing Americans of their own race—all lives matter.

Police and Blacks

According to an analysis from the Washington Post, between 2015 and 2019, 2,495 whites were killed by police while 1,301 blacks were killed by police. Blacks comprise approximately 13 percent of the total national population; whites, 76 percent.

In terms of population ratio, whites outnumber blacks 6-1; but in shootings, blacks are killed more at a rate of 2-1. The Post, predictably, omitted all the previously cited FBI data, either out of deliberate withholding, or a woefully ignorant lack of journalistic curiosity. Why? Because the newspaper isn’t interested in educating or informing; it’s interested in espousing and propagating its irrelevant, worthless, and useless opinions. The corporate leftist media complex exists solely to protect and elect Democrats—no exceptions.

Is it 2-1 because police are covert Ku Klux Klansmen who prowl the inner city streets at night preying upon black men?

Or is it more likely 2-1 because in cases of multiple offenders/multiple victims, blacks kill at a higher rate than whites do; and, in addition, blacks kill other blacks, in single victim/single offender cases, at higher rates than do whites?

The fact that blacks kill each other at higher rates than do whites—considering how small a percentage the national black population is—as well as the sheer quantities of murders and murderers, is specific information of which I promise you Democratic politicians are aware. But they won’t repeat it.

If police do have a racial bias, are black police more or less likely to have a racial bias towards blacks? A fatal bullet is still fatal whether shot from a gun held by a white or black offender.

If some police do, in fact, hold racial biases, do they hold them due to being covert white supremacists (even if the cop is black), or because they have an instinct for self-preservation and survival, a past history, understand their job risks, and are familiar with the demographics of where they work? The answer most often, of course, is the latter.

Racial biases are less than the equivalent of racism; most accusations of “racism” are opinions of no relevance, value, or worth. To date, and to my knowledge, there is no evidence that the police officer who placed his knee on George Floyd’s neck was motivated to do so by racial animus. If any reader has evidence of a racial motive, please let me know; worthless opinions need not apply, however.

A postscript on all this bloodshed:

In 2016 and 2018, there were nationwide totals of 15,070 and 14,123 murder victims, respectively. Blacks (who, remember, are just 13 percent of the U.S. population) were the offenders in these murders 35.9 and 38.7 percent of the time, respectively. That’s 6,095 and 6,318 offenders, respectively. Whites (who, remember, are 76 percent—600 percent more than blacks—of our population) were the offenders 29.5 (5,004 total) and 29.9 (4,884 total) percent of the time, respectively.

Scourges of Democratic Cities

This is but a small sampling of the cities with sky-high murder rates (including black-on-black), problems between the police and the communities they serve, and versions of Osama bin Laden-lite roaming the streets; all numbers are consecutive days of Democratic Party control:

Baltimore: Only Democratic mayors and only Democratic city councils, 19,000.

Minneapolis: The site of the recent incident that resulted in nationwide George Floyd-related rioting, looting, and terrorism: only Democratic mayors, 15,000; current council has 13 members—12 are Democrats, and the other is a member of the Green Party.

Chicago: only Democratic mayors and super-majority Democratic city councils, 32,000; of the current 50 councilmen, 46 are Democrats, and four are “independents,” although I suspect those four aren’t conservatives.

Portland, Oregon: only Democratic mayors and a super-majority Democratic city councils, 14,000; all three current councilmen are Democrats.

Seattle: only Democratic mayors, 18,000; of the nine current councilmen, eight are Democrats and one is a “socialist.”

New York City: only Democratic mayors, 6,500 (I’m counting Michael Bloomberg in this total, even though he was technically a “Republican” during his first term); 48 of the current 51 councilmen are Democrats; Democrats outnumber Republicans 7-1 in voter registration.

For numbers on other Democratic cities that regularly experience Fourth World destruction, squalor and unnervingly frequent black-on-black violent crime and murder, visit here.

Do we have systemic racism against blacks or a systemic culture of overwhelmingly rampant self-inflicted violence and death in majority-black communities?

What, you thought this would be an opinion piece?


The Reasons REVOLUTIONS Go Bad

Black Lives Matter upheaval follows a well-worn path of historical burn-out
BLM Going Downhill Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times
BLM Going Downhill Illustration by Greg Groesch

Gary Anderson
Revolutions have a depressing tendency to go bad. The first American Revolution in 1775 is an exception, but the rule has been for well-intentioned revolutions to turn very ugly very quickly. The present Black Lives Matter (BLM) upheaval is one that is going downhill rather precipitously. The Internet and social media have probably hastened the process, but the BLM movement is following a well-worn path.
Most revolutions begin with a spark that sets off a set of long-held grievances. They are usually hijacked by organized forces with their own agendas far different than those that began the unrest by attempting to redress legitimate injustices. Those new revolutionary elites soon begin to keep power by suppressing those who disagree with them. Eventually, they rewrite history to support their own narrative and attempt to destroy those societal institutions that might oppose them. Finally, they tend to collapse under the weight of their own illogic.
The Russian Revolution is perhaps the model for the cycle, although it took seven decades for it to finally implode through the illogic of its underlying premise. The original 1917 revolution was led by progressives and socialists who meant to redress legitimate grievances against the government of the czars. It was quickly hijacked by the radical Bolsheviks (Communists) and their agenda was largely imposed by force.
The Communists originally paid lip service to democracy, but dissenting opinions were quickly shouted down as the Bolsheviks tightened control. Then, dissent became a crime against the state. Mild dissidents were “reeducated,” and those who persisted in their criticism were liquidated.
Once the Communist Reds had won the civil war against the Whites — a loose confederation of monarchists, moderate Socialists and democrats — the real terror began, and the Communists began to rewrite history in their own image. Cities and streets were renamed, churches were banned, and statues — even those of legitimate nationalist heroes — torn down.
The Communists industrialized terror and intimidation more efficiently than most radical revolutions, and the edifice did not collapse until 1991. By that time, the well-meaning progressives and liberals who had started the original revolution were long gone. Those who survived the Red terror were forced to quietly watch a czarist government was replaced by something far worse.
Most revolutions that go bad don’t last as long as the one that created the Soviet Union. The French Revolution that was hijacked by the radicals was itself negated by Napoleon within a decade, and China’s Great Cultural Revolution didn’t last as long as that. However, before they implode, some revolutions can do a great deal of damage.
Millions of Russians and Chinese died in the terror generated by the Bolshevik and Great Cultural revolutions, respectively, and the purges by the Cambodian Khmer Rouge decimated that nation’s population. Massive blocks of the cultures of those nations were wiped out as the revolutionaries tried to erase history and rewrite to suit their narrative.
Fortunately, the current excesses caused by the unholy alliance of reverse-racist and Antifa radicals who have co-opted the Black Lives Matter movement seems to be running through the revolutionary cycle at warp speed. This is likely caused by the Internet and social media as well as the rapid psychological burn-out resulting from the 24-hour news cycle. 
It did not take long for the revolutionaries to begin mandatory re-education classes via Zoom with the resulting repercussions for those not showing proper revolutionary attitudes.
Take, for example, the case of Marymount College Associate Professor Patricia Simon, who had the temerity to fall asleep during a BLM Zoom re-education meeting. According to The New York Post, activist students quickly gathered 1,800 signatures demanding her firing; fortunately for her, it was not a firing squad. By all reports. Ms. Simon is a harmless progressive nitwit, but radical revolutions need example as a warning to the insufficiently zealous.
One of the reasons that the Russian Revolution lasted seven decades, and the Black Lives Matter upheaval will not likely last past the first frost is that the Communists had a coherent agenda based on the philosophy — however misguided — of Karl Marx. By allowing the radicals to become the face of the movement, BLM activists have alienated many middle-road people who could help them attain their goals if they could ever articulate them coherently.
Aside from renaming a few streets and sports teams, destroying neighborhood businesses and getting some insincere corporate executives to put more Black actors in their commercials, this is a revolution that is burning its candles at both ends.

DAs Backed by SOROS, Other LIBERAL Activists Join Fray in CLASH with Police

Under-the-radar political investments made by progressive groups in recent years may be paying off

Soros-backed DAs join fray in clash with officers as political investment pays off

 Ronn Blitzer

Calls for drastic criminal justice and police reforms have swept the country since the death of George Floyd, but local prosecutors already are making waves on that front -- in a sign that under-the-radar political investments made by progressive groups in recent years are paying off.
District attorneys and current candidates whose campaigns benefited from the work of left-wing organizations – including ones backed by liberal billionaire George Soros – are now pushing for new practices that could see sharp reductions in prosecutions and incarcerations.
Soros, through the Justice & Public Safety PAC and other groups, has been spending millions of dollars on prosecutorial races in recent years, with a number of beneficiaries making headlines since their elections.
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who was boosted by Soros in her campaign, drew controversy when she announced her office was bringing felony charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who brandished guns outside their home as protesters marched by in June.
The McCloskeys have said many times they were defending themselves, with tensions high in St. Louis and other cities over race and law enforcement. They said the crowd of demonstrators broke an iron gate marked with "No Trespassing" and "Private Street" signs, and that some threatened them.
Missouri GOP Gov. Mike Parson said he would consider pardons for the couple if charges were filed.
Another high-profile prosecutor who has been backed by Soros in the past is Cook County, Ill. State's Attorney Kim Foxx. Foxx drew national attention when she dismissed the case against actor Jussie Smollett, who had been accused of faking a hate crime attack against himself. The case was later taken over by a special prosecutor who filed new charges.
Foxx is seeking reelection this year and already won her Democratic primary. Regarding ongoing protests in her jurisdiction, she has said that her office will lean toward dismissing cases coming from protests or curfew violations (Mayor Lori Lightfoot imposed a curfew between May 30 and June 6 after a George Floyd protest).
“The question it comes down to is, is it a good use of our time and resources?” Foxx told the Chicago Sun-Times. “No, it’s not.”
Looking at her term in office, a report from the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund found a 13 percent decline in guilty pleas or verdicts in felony cases and a 39 percent increase in dropped or lost cases after Foxx took office in 2016.
San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, another beneficiary of Soros-tied contributions, recently defended the movement to defund police. In a discussion with Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., earlier in July, Boudin questioned whether money going to police was “the most effective” use of taxpayer dollars.
“Is there some other way we could spend this money that would make us safer or do a better job of achieving the goals that we have?” Boudin asked. He went on to say that policing and incarceration “are tremendously expensive and are failed responses to what we are trying to deal with.”
Boudin is also one of a number of district attorneys participating in "Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commissions," teaming with the Grassroots Law Project, an organization co-founded by activist Shaun King that calls for defunding police.
The other district attorneys who are participating in these commissions are Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner and Suffolk County, Mass., DA Rachael Rollins, who have both benefited from Soros’ support.
Krasner, who was elected after Soros put $1.45 million into a political action committee that supported him, has also taken a public stance regarding events that have spun out of the protests over Floyd’s death, particularly the federal response to violent demonstrations in cities like Portland.
In a Washington Post op-ed he co-wrote with Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby, Krasner threatened to have federal officers arrested and charged if they overstep their authority in his jurisdiction, after officers in Portland were accused of using excessive force.
“Should Trump send federal agents who engage in the same illegal vigilante activities, unlawfully assaulting and kidnapping people, they will face criminal charges from our offices,” Krasner and Mosby said.
In Contra Costa County, Calif., District Attorney Diana Becton – also backed by Soros – changed how her office handles police shooting cases, removing deputy district attorney Barry Grove from his role as the main prosecutor in such cases, switching to a team approach, according to the Mercury News.
Becton also announced earlier this month that she was filing hate crime charges against Nichole Anderson and David Nelson, White people who were allegedly caught painting over a Black Lives Matter mural.
Orlando State Attorney candidate Monique Worrell is also backed by a group linked to Soros in her quest to fill the seat that will be vacated by Aramis Ayala, who was also supported by Soros. Worrell’s platform calls for an end to cash bail, which would result in more defendants being released before their trial. She also says that incarceration should be a “last resort,” and that those who do not pose “a threat to the physical safety of others” should not be placed behind bars.
Worrell’s opponent Ryan Williams has cited the Soros connection as a point of attack, and Worrell has accused Williams of playing on anti-Semitic tropes by mentioning Soros’ involvement. But the Jewish political philanthropist is not the only player in the game of prosecutorial campaigns.
Real Justice PAC, also co-founded by Shaun King, has supported 29 head prosecutors and state attorneys general since 2018, including several who were also backed by Soros, such as Gardner, Boudin, Rollins and Becton. The organization is also backing the 2020 campaigns of Foxx and 13 other candidates seeking office.
The organization's goals include electing – and recruiting – candidates who would make changes to criminal justice systems such as ending cash bail and “rolling back practices that lead to mass incarceration.”
One 2020 candidate Real Justice succeeded in getting elected already is Multnomah County, Ore., District Attorney Mike Schmidt, who will be in a key position when he takes office on Aug. 1, given that his jurisdiction includes Portland, where riots have been taking place amid months of protests following Floyd’s death.
Schmidt has said that he would potentially drop charges against nonviolent protesters when he is in office, according to local NBC affiliate KGW.
Delia Garza, who won the Democratic primary in Travis County, Texas, and will run unopposed in November, is also backed by Real Justice. Garza has already said that her office will decline to prosecute certain types of cases.
“We’re not going to prosecute low-level drug offenses. We’re not going to prosecute crimes that are an extension of someone being in poverty, basically,” Garza said, according to KXAN. “You know, we’re going to look at the way that we prosecute crimes like prostitution, because so many times those things, those kinds of crimes are related to poverty in some kind of way.”
Fox News’ Louis Casiano contributed to this report.

Trump Suggests DELAYING Election, Warns Mail-In Ballots to Result in ‘INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT’ vote

'Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???' Trump tweeted

Trump suggests pushing off election, in fiery warning on mail-in ballots

 Paul Steinhauser

President Trump on Thursday floated the possibility of delaying November’s general election, in a fiery new warning about the implications of mail-in ballots.
In a tweet where he claimed that the practice would lead to “the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history,” Trump suggested: “Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???”
The president’s tweet comes with 96 days to go until the Nov. 3 election, and with early voting in some states starting in just two months. And it comes as the coronavirus pandemic continues unabated, with new cases of the virus spiking in many states. Trump’s suggestion also comes as the federal government on Thursday reported the worst economic contraction in the nation’s history, as the pandemic has flattened much of the economy and moves by states to re-inflate their economies have been hampered by a surge in new coronavirus cases.
“With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???” the president tweeted.
But Trump has no authority to delay a general election. The Constitution gives Congress the power to set the date for elections.
Democratic challenger Joe Biden has repeatedly warned that the president may try to delay the general election.
"Mark my words, I think he is going to try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can't be held,” the former vice president said in April.
The most recent public opinion polling in the Biden-Trump race shows the presumptive Democratic nominee leading in national surveys as well as in most of the crucial general election battleground states.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


aerial image of deforested land
AFP via Getty Images

Hannah Sparks

It’s not the news you want to hear during a global health crisis.
In a new theoretical study appearing in Nature Scientific Reports, a pair of statistical researchers have warned that rampant human consumption has sent us on a tailspin towards a rapid “catastrophic collapse” — which could happen in the next two to four decades.
Forest density, or the current lack thereof, is considered the cataclysmic canary in the coal mine, according to the report.
By comparing the rate of deforestation against humanity’s rate of consumption, study authors Mauro Bologna and Gerardo Aquino have determined there’s a 90% chance our species will collapse within decades — calling this estimate an “optimistic” measure.
“Based on the current resource consumption rates and best estimate of technological rate growth our study shows that we have very low probability, less than 10% in most optimistic estimate, to survive without facing a catastrophic collapse,” they wrote.
While much attention has been paid to the ways in which greenhouse gases have contributed to the demise of our species, Aquino focused mathematical models on the “undeniable fact” of human-driven deforestation.
deforested land in Sumatra, Indonesia
Deforested land in Sumatra, Indonesia.Getty Images
“Before the development of human civilizations, our planet was covered by 60 million square kilometers [37 million square miles] of forest,” according to the article. “As a result of deforestation, less than 40 million square kilometers [25 million square miles] currently remain.”
The researchers set out to “evaluate the probability of avoiding the self-destruction of our civilization” based on numerical simulations — charts and graphs that don’t look like much to us laymen, but for two theoretical physicists, they amount to disaster.
They also call into play “Fermi’s paradox,” which refers to the theoretical discussion of extraterrestrial life from Enrico Fermi, an Italian physicist who once asked, “Where is everybody?” One aspect of the discourse is the idea that self-destruction caused by unsustainable environmental exploitation may be an inevitability of intelligent life — and thus a potential reason why we have not yet had the opportunity to meet our galactic neighbors.
Aerial view of Amazon rainforest deforestation
Aerial view of Amazon rainforest deforestation in Brazil.LightRocket via Getty Images
To avoid such an outcome, it would require an alien society to prioritize “culture” over “economy,” which Aquino and Bologna assume to be unlikely, based on the human experience.
“Even if intelligent life forms were very common . . . only very few civilizations would be able to reach a sufficient technological level so as to spread in their own solar system before collapsing due to resource consumption,” they added.
“The answer to ‘Where is everybody?’ could be a lugubrious ‘(Almost) everyone is dead.’ ”