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Saturday, August 8, 2020

OpEd: CHINA Unleashed BIO-WAR Against The WEST

After the pandemic: COVID-19 exposes threat of biological warfare ...

theodore miraldi. Revised 2/11/21

As Democrats continue to praise Communist China and allow Anarchy on our streets, they continue to delay help for suffering Americans. Why do you think that is?

While they promote Amnesty for over 20 Million Illegal Aliens, Free School, Health Care, and Housing they block and delay money to taxpaying Americans.

One may think that a segment of our government is working with the Chinese Communists to topple our way of life...

And that makes lots of sense if you are fact-driven!

Communist China is having its worst economic downturn in over 70 years. The Trump Administration has implemented new policies that make America stronger and China weaker. These unbalanced agreements have turned Communist China from a bumbling nation to the world's second-largest economy and military power, and guess what, it has been on the backs of American Taxpayers and Consumers.

Just review the coincidences (facts) we already have.

Investigative reports have said China knew that Covid-19 was highly contagious and could be communicated between humans maybe a month before WHO announced the virus had erupted in China. During the early period, hundreds of thousands of Chinese left the mainland and traveled to Europe and the United States. Funny how the outbreaks showed up in the West before the rest of Asia or the Middle East. We now know for a fact that WHO lied to the rest of the world to cover up the outbreak and how serious it actually was.

In conjunction, China lied to the world about where the virus started. It in fact started at their Bio-Lab in Wunan and had already infected residents of that large city of about 13 million people. Why would China, The World Health Organization, and some in the American Government deny the truth?

They Hate Trump and Appear to Hate You as Well!

Like him or not, Trump's policies were assigning China and their American supporters to the dustbin of another failed Communist Regime. Make no mistake, both sides of the aisle have been selling the U.S. to our mortal enemies. China owns some of the most prestigious  American Companies and Real Estate on American soil. It was only a matter of time before China would have swallowed us economically and militarily. Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, the NBA, and Entertainment Industry
now have more loyalty to the Chinese Communists than the United States.

Covid-19 was not a mistake in the lab, it was intentional. The U.S. was expanding while China had its worst year in the last 70 years.

Why? Donald Trump. He would have again put China in the rearview mirror for the next 100 years.

Why else would they have bought back all the PPE that they supplied the world? Allow citizens from Wunan to fly to the West. And threaten to stop supplying us with the medications needed to sustain the lives of many sick Americans.

And some still think they have good intentions. The Left has already swallowed the Kool-Aid and has been led to believe that China tells the truth as Americans LIE!!

Those of you who romanticize Communism and Socialism either have forgotten and were never taught the truth regarding China, Russia, Cuba or Venezuela, and Civil Liberties and Human Rights. 

Totalitarian nations have murdered hundreds of millions of their own citizens to save face for their failures. They are Communists and Socialists ... this is what they do!

China needed to act fast to slow down the engines of our success and preserve its position to accomplish what it has been stating for decades. They want the prestige that only power can give them. So as the world stumbles China challenges her neighbors with military force. Their position on Hong Kong should be all the proof needed, breaking the agreements signed a full 50 years in advance of a full takeover of Hong Kong. China sees the United States as weakened by the turmoil taking place within our government and on our streets. They have decided it's time to strike!

COVID-19 was only the first salvo...

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