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Saturday, August 29, 2020

OpEd: Democrat FACES of DISGRACE

Nine 2020 Democrat Crackpot Policies

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Originally Published 10/16/18

These are the Faces of the MOB! The Leaders of the Democrat Party who are calling for Confrontations with Elected Officials and Citizens who do not Agree. After 8 years of failure under Obama, these Ideologues, who pose as responsible representatives have a long list of personal and policy dysfunctions that border on EVIL. Instead of Unity and the Common Good, they profess the Bully Tactics of days long gone. Tactic practiced by so-called Democracies in Cuba, Venezuela and other 3-World Nations. This is what we are seeing in Democrat Controlled Cities Across the Nation!

This is Urban Warfare!

They want The U.S. population to adhere to Social Welfare in an ultimate Coup to Fundamentally Change our Nation. Sound familiar? In their quest for Ultimate Power they would Burn Down the Capital, Rip the Doors off the Supreme Court and Accuse your Father, Brother, or Little Johnny next door of Sexual Abuse, even though they parade around in public Half Naked.

These are the NEW Leaders of a Party Barely Recognizable ... Democrats!

They laugh as a Supreme Court Nominee bares his soul to Congress like Little Sniveling Children. That's what Kamala Harris and Corey Book think about Civility. Disgrace is mild, EVIL is appropriate! The MOB Mentality Invading the Halls of Congress, Screaming uncontrollably at anyone in their path. These are the NEW Leaders of the Democrat Party

Think people, who are these charlatans making all of this noise, who are the aggressors that lie in your face? The Minorities who despise the very essence of a EUROPEAN Culture that has created the Most Socialized, Successful, and Powerful Nation in WORLD History. 

They just can't stand being Outworked and Outsmarted by one of  several Dominant Cultures in the World. Multi-Culturism breeds Evil when the new adherents, don't assimilate!

The nerve of those who come here from Dysfunctional Nations, and TELL US How To DO THINGS!

In a Nation that truly tries to right its wrongs, there are those who will never be satisfied until they accomplish their Ultimate goal ... the Seduction and Destruction of a nation that has freed hundreds of million from oppression. Enhanced and enriched People and Nations Across the Globe.

These petty provocateurs are the Small Thinkers. Primitive Tribalism, when left to their own devices within their own narratives, Infantile and poorly Socialized. Never in my life have I seen so many haters trying to enhance their position by insulting and accusing others of doing what they in-turn do!

Allowing the same characters who have created this divide back in power is ludicrous! Giving up our Freedoms toBULLIES and HATERS means certain DEATH of our Way of Life!

Not to Forget the Deceivers who have Colluded to bring the Government to its knees...  

The New Murders Row will include some familiar faces...

These are Just a FEW!

Fox News mocked for 'giving the left free advertising' with segment  promoting 'radical new democratic ideas' –
Opinion | Can Riots Force Change? - The New York Times

Remember the DEEDS of These Men and Women Who BETRAYED the TRUST of its CITIZENS When You VOTE!!!!!

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